5 Secrets to please your man on the first night

5 Secrets to pleasure your man on the first night

Are you struggling to learn how to please your man on the first night of your wedding? Are you searching for the perfect ideas to blow his mind and satisfy him? And how to impress the husband on the bed at night?  You have come to the right place. Ever wondered how to make your husband happy in bed at night? If so, this is for you. Pleasing a man is a real tough job. However, if you know just the right kind of tricks, trust me he might just land by being your greatest fan! You don’t really need to try that hard. If you really wish to do something extravagant, that’s your choice but you can just charm him with a few simple tricks. The reality is, men a simple when it comes to sex. the very thought of you wanting them bad is enough to turn them on and bring them into action. Just show some interest and that’s the bait to make them want you.

5 Secrets to pleasure your man on the first night

The best advice here is, keep it as simple as you can. Here are a few ways in which I can guide you to become the woman of your man’s dreams. You can’t belittle the importance of your first night. It is a great eye-opener. It can just make or mar your sex life for the days to come. Just so that your impression hits the bull’s eye, read along and find out what to do. A reminder before we move ahead: Don’t stress, it is absolutely simple!


You need to be interested

This is the first step actually. Unless you are interested, the other advice won’t really help. There are too many people I know who have a bad sex life solely because of the fact that their wives are not interested. They are either too tired after a back-breaking job the whole day or that they have given up on initiating sex. Men just want women to be interested in having sex. Of course, that is a prerequisite for having consensual sex. They don’t want to end up having a wrong impression on the first night by being the only one interested. I hope you get what I am trying to state here. In case, you are not interested, you need to rethink if you actually like this person or not.


Try and initiate it

You must be scared at the thought of it. You might feel like it would make you appear slutty. After all, we have been trained to let men make the first move. But we are in the 2020 guys! What is the harm in showing your husband what you like and what pleases you in bed? If you make the first move, he will only feel very desirable. He will work harder to satisfy you. Concentrate on the foreplay. Prolong it.


Don’t shy away from masturbating

5 Secrets to pleasure your man on the first night

Agree or not, men like seeing a woman pleasure herself. There are too many men out there who love watching masturbation porn. If you want him to please you and touch you at the right spots, you have to show him what feels great. Be vulnerable in front of him. Make him want to touch you. I understand it is difficult to be so bold right on the first night itself, but you can be subtle. You have the whole night and you need to make the most of it. Take your time to take him on the journey of exploring your skin.


Blowjobs are the thing!

Sometimes, just giving a man blowjobs is the key. They are crazy about that. Some even find the idea gross. However, If you can master the art of blowjobs trust me, you have him forever. Start going really slow. Don’t try to go deep throat at the onset. Move from slow licks to longer ones concentrating primarily on the head. Small flicks on the head will make him go crazy. He won’t be able to hold himself for long and will beg you to let him fuck you. You can make him cum only with blowjobs. So, if you don’t wish to go hardcore on the first night, consider orals.


There is no limit to wildness

 You have to keep your ego outside the bedroom if you want to have mind-blowing sex. Crazy desire can make you a beast. If he likes taking over, let him. Make him rip your clothes off. Mark him with your love bites. He will miss you more the next day when he is away at work. If you want him to think about you, you need to feed his fantasy. If he loves biting you, let him. Whatever he does to you make sure you give that in return. Let him grab you hard and you will cum in ecstasy.

If there is anything that is new, be open. Here are some wedding night secret tips you should definitely check. If you are uncomfortable, let him know. But give everything a try. You might be surprised at how great it might feel.



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