Foods that boost your sexual health!

Foods that boost your sexual health!

Enhance your sexual drive with the aid of these sexy foods mentioned below, because what you consume becomes an important factor in determining your sexual health, as a healthy heart and brain are what assists you to bring out your best in bed.



Foods that boost your sexual health!

Avocados are antioxidants rich in unsaturated fats and low on saturated fats, which is good for the heart, hence enabling proper blood circulation by keeping one’s heart and arteries healthy. Apposite blood circulation keeps at bay erectile dysfunctions. It also contains vitamin B6 and Potassium which contribute to a boost in sexual health.



Pumpkin seeds are one of the richest sources of zinc that invariably swells the testosterone hormones in men, while Sunflower seeds being loaded with healthy oils help in secreting ample amount of sexual hormone, contributing to a vigorous sexual drive, while preserving sexual health. So next time when you cook Pumpkin at home, remember not to throw away the seeds. They are way more important for you than the fruit.




Foods that boost your sexual health!

All kinds of nuts contain mono-saturated fats which creates cholesterol that is required by the sex hormones to work properly. However, Almonds are one of those nuts that are known to be pros at improving sexual libido, itself being rich not only in healthy fats but also in nutrients and minerals like vitamin E, Selenium and Zinc which adds to a fine sexual health.



Watermelon is a low calorie fruit which has an element called Citrulline that causes blood vessels to dilate, enabling good blood circulation in the body. Watermelons help in improving heart health and thus can also be used to curb erectile dysfunction, securing a blooming sexual health.



Foods that boost your sexual health!

The colour Red signifies passion. While Strawberries suggest excitement and passion they add to your sexual fervour too. Strawberries contain vitamin B that averts birth defects and vitamin C that naturally boosts sexual drive. Blueberries and Blackberries, just as Strawberries, contain compounds that dilate blood vessels and maintain fine blood circulation throughout the body, compensating for the artificial boosters like Viagra, keeping a sound check on your sexual health.



Foods that boost your sexual health!

Bananas have essential minerals like Magnesium and Potassium. These, apart from maintaining your brain, nerves and heart health, are key muscle building nutrients that help in extreme contractions during orgasm. Bananas also contain vitamin B and the Bromeliad enzyme which increases the sexual drive in men.



Foods that boost your sexual health!

Sweet potatoes have various health benefits, including the potential to advance sexual health. It consists of beta carotene which converts itself into vitamin A, which maintains vaginal robustness.



Red meat contains ample amount of Zinc which helps in improving muscle health that contributes to intense contractions during sexual engagements and Zinc also limits the production of the hormone called Prolactin which can cause sexual dysfunction.



Foods that boost your sexual health!

Fatty fishes contain healthy fats that consist of Omega 3 fatty acids that increase the level of dopamine in the brain, assisting in arousal. Fishes also contain amino acids which convert into Nitric Oxides that as told earlier help in erection and proper sexual functioning in women as well, opening up blood vessels for a smooth flow of blood.



Oysters has a high Zinc content, which triggers the production of Testosterone, increases sperm count in men and maintains a healthy blood flow throughout the body keeping in check appropriate sexual functioning in both men and women.



Foods that boost your sexual health!

It is said that Red wine consists of antioxidants, which along with alcohol elicit the release of Nitric Oxide. Nitric Oxide helps the veins and arteries relax facilitating a generous blood flow throughout the body, including the genitals, reassuring sexual health.



Foods that boost your sexual health!

Dark chocolate consists of compounds like Phenylethylamine and Theo bromine, which prompts the discharge of similar endorphins released during sex. Chocolate also produces a chemical called Serotonin which creates a sensation of happiness in your brain thus triggering a healthy sexual desire.

Along with having other beneficial capacities these foods have been proven by doctors and researchers throughout the years, to improve and prolong sexual health. Let them be a part of your diet and do the needful for you.



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