How to make your man happy

Regardless of the fact that you’re happily married or newly committed, if you think he is the right one, he deserves to be felt that way too. Here is what you exactly need to do to spoil your man, the way he spoils you.

  1. Make your Man Happy Emotionally

You don’t have to ask personal intimate or family related questions to connect with him on an emotional level. An important key to long-lasting relationships is to give your partner happy little moments with you. If that just means, talking about anything at all or being comfortable with each other’s silence. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. This phrase refers to a woman who can make a man fall in love with her by cooking him good meals. So why not show off your culinary skills and make him this fancy and healthy Tortellini Pasta Salad? Maybe he will start opening up about his feelings and love you even more for your cooking gesture? It’s a win-win situation!

  1. Encourage Him

Be his ultimate cheerleader! Whether it’s a sport try out, his 9th interview in a row, or his first day at work! Encourage him and tell him how great he will perform. Do little gestures to wish him luck and even after a failure encourage him to get back up! Appreciate his passion, goals and efforts he is putting in to make his and your future secure. This way he’ll know that all of his efforts and investments are not going to waste and that he is cared for.

  1. Learn to Compromise

Making a relationship work is a two-way street. At times, he will try to do things the way you want him to do but meet him halfway there. Show him that you’re willing to find a middle ground when in disagreements. Such as; if he is a fan of freshly baked stuff, but you’re not, bake a Healthy Zucchini Bread for him. Or surprise him with his favourite breakfast sandwich and coffee before he wakes up! It will make him feel special how you put his interests first even though you don’t like it. Make a habit of using lighter-tone or even-tone voice when trying to make him understand how you want certain things to be.

  1. Don’t ask him if he’s mad at you when he’s just in a bad mood

We women, often tend to overthink and blame our man’s mood swings on our wrongdoings. If your man is being irritated and grumpy, and you know you can’t fix it, stop annoying him with questions such as why are mad at me? What did I do or say? That will make him more irritated and push him away. You need to calm down and think over the situation. Realise that other things in life matter to him too, not as much as you, but they still do. He can have a bad day without anything being wrong between you guys. Why don’t you cook for him? Learn how to cook chicken breast in a pan for him and wait for him to open it up at dinner table himself. Since it’s true, that way to a man’s heart is always through his stomach.

  1. Remember to have fun

If you’re in a serious relationship, it does not mean that everything has to be perfect, done in a certain way and done to secure your future together. Stop obsessing over how things are supposed to be and let them go with the flow! Try doing little silly things together and find joy in it. After a long busy week at work, plan a date night on the weekend or a movie night. Show him that the spark still exists and living with you would not be as boring! Remember, a couple who laughs together stays together.

In tough times doing these things seems harder than just reading about them. I get it, but sometimes to make those tough times go away these little things are worth a shot! Also, ask him what makes him happy, I bet you’ll already be ticking off a lot of things in this list.

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