Jeunesse Global Kicks Off EXPO NEXT 2019 with a Bang

Jeunesse Global offers high-quality products that are becoming increasingly popular in the health and wellness arena. Celebrating their anniversary, the company is moving to expand beyond anyone’s expectations for a direct-selling organization. Jeunesse EXPO NEXT 2019 offers recognition for company leaders and those advancing through the ranks. A worldwide tour that started in the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando and is progressing throughout four other cities across four continents. Jeunesse Global markets products that promote youthfulness through independent distributors. These distributors earn income from both product sales and through recruiting new distributors. An income disclosure statement is available for inspection on their website, as are testimonials of those that have been successful with the organization. The company offers the opportunity to start a distributorship with support and assistance from mentors and leaders in the organization and a community of fellow distributors that stay in touch.

The company was co-founded by Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray and the company headquarters are in Lake Mary, Florida just outside of the City of Orlando. Lewis is a leader in direct sales and the company promotes a family-like atmosphere through inclusion. Scott Lewis is the Chief Visionary Officer and is the son of Wendy Lewis. Through dedication, training, and incentives, they keep their workforce motivated to keep Jeunesse Global in the top spot for direct selling companies, according to leading news sources.

The company recently launched MX2O™ which is supplement-rich water featuring beneficial ingredients as a new product that is debuting at EXPO NEXT 2019. Distributors participate in training courses on how to market the product and to sample it. The product packs in ingredients to enhance health and vitality including the following ingredients and providing the following benefits:

  • Black organic fulvic and humic acids
  • 70 trace minerals
  • pH balanced
  • Filtered five times for purity and more

More information is available on MX2O™ on its web page found at

Other offerings through Jeunesse Global are featured through their Youth Enhancement System (YES). A product line that has become wildly popular writing the package is known as Luminesce. This skincare line uses stem cell technology with another proprietary ingredient known as APT-200™ to help reduce the visible signs of aging. The product line has many offerings including serums, toners, skin-cleansing products, and moisturizers.

Instantly Ageless™ provides flawless looking skin benefits for up to eight hours. The product comes in vials that are smoothed onto the face. Once the product dries, you’ll notice fewer wrinkles and tighter, firmer appearing skin in the zones that are most prone to aging, such as the crow’s feet and around the mouth. The product has many reviews, testimonials, and a video demonstration on the Jeunesse Global website.

Jeunesse Global has big plans going into the next year with product development and the launch of MX2O™. The company’s vision appears to be strong and is progressing through the many customers and distributors that have been taking advantage of product and business opportunities. For more information on Jeunesse Global, visit their website located at


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