Sexy outfits to wear on romantic nights


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Spending your first night with a new person might sound pretty awkward but when you are perfectly dressed for the occasion, it feels amazing. Whether you are getting laid on your first date or your wedding night, you should keep in check what garments you are going to wear. It does really matter because you don’t want to fumble with your leggings or get stuck in your Skinny Jeans.

Here are the things you should wear and avoid when you know you are going to get laid.

Romantic Outfits for Romantic Nights:

  • Slim sexy panties

Let’s start from the insides. A simple bra and pantie won’t harm anyone. It will come off easily and will not dampen your time. Don’t bother the color. Your partner will have his focus on some other things. So go for a simple and sexy lingerie.

  • How about a regular bra?

Guys have enough problems fidgeting with a regular bra. Imagine their agony when you are wearing crisscrossing bra straps or whatever. Don’t make it hard for you and your man. Should you wear a push-up bra? Only if you feel comfortable! If your push up bra makes you feel all squeezed up and suffocated, it’s better you keep it locked up in your closet. You are never going to feel sexy in something that’s not comfortable.

  • Wear relatively loose clothes

Tight jeans, stockings or tight kurtis will put off your partner’s mood. You will find it weird to shift into uncomfortable positions to get off your skinny stuff while your partner impatiently watches you. Wear clothes you are comfortable with. Don’t wear something that has to be buttoned or pinned up with a safety pin. You and your partner might as well end up getting hurt.

  • Don’t go bold with your makeup

Apply the kind of makeup you know will make you look good. Keep your false lashes and eye makeup locked up and go for something natural looking. Do you want to look horrible with a messed up makeup on your face and scare your boyfriend to death after you are done? Opt for waterproof products and products that will not cause much harm to your face even when smudged.

  • Wear something that’s easy to remove

Baggy jeans, a short skirt, sweater, wedges, tank tops, and a cute sundress are the kind of clothes you should wear when getting laid. They come off easily, won’t disturb your activities and make you look good, too. Be yourself and skip layers of clothing. Also, avoid tight leggings or jeans or jeggings that will leave around indent around your stomach.

These are the few dresses for a romantic night. Have fun getting laid!

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