The Importance of Female Outfit

Outfits are an important element of a female character which emphasizes her attractiveness and creates the individual image. Clothing is a self-expression of a woman, her way of life. 

In this article, we will not talk about the styles of clothing for the current season, but we will enlist the psychologist’s arguments about the male perception of how a woman is dressed. This is a whole science from the point of view of psychology, the perception of a man: color, style, matching, circumstances, and place. 

After all, a woman dresses up mainly for other women, in a way. They participate in an unofficial competition, but, mainly, your outfits should attract men. To do this, it is important to know, feel, and accurately use the “language of clothes” when communicating with men. Usually, extrovert women get it right. For some reason or another, they’ve got a better sense of personal fashion than others. Be sure to check out this article about extrovert dating to find out a thing or two about them. 

Fashion is the enemy of attractiveness because individuality is lost, and the imposed external style does not correspond to the internal psychological state, the world of a woman. If you don’t dress the way you want, then you don’t feel that way, while others don’t perceive you that way. 

Dear ladies, the most important thing to remember is that you are women, so the style of clothing should highlight your femininity. When choosing anything, show that you have some taste. What suits you and what is trendy this season are two completely different things. 

You can guess what attracts a man in a woman, so you should emphasize these aspects or, rather, places. 

Most women, critically evaluating their appearance, hide flaws under long, loose clothing, naively believing that they will make a good impression.  

But they are mistaken because clothes should emphasize your femininity, be comfortable, so that you feel free in them, and hide only minor defects of your figure from a man. 

Therefore, categorically exclude clothing that hides the delights of your body: these shapeless, loose-fitting silhouettes, patch pockets, all sorts of distracting details. You are not a New Year tree. 

By the way, the more you expose your body, the more you have to look after your appearance. Once you show your body, legs, tummy, there is no going back. 

Since men are mostly kinesthetic, they not only look at you, but also “feel” you with their eyes, and they dream to do it with their hands in real life. 

Remember that a romantic meeting is a joint event; you are not going to a fashion show. The extravagant, artsy style of clothes that attracts superfluous looks are a no-no.  

Remember that the style of your clothes is aimed at sexually emphasizing your delights. Undoubtedly, you can look attractive and sexy in a business suit if it emphasizes your feminine charms, but still, it is not suitable for a romantic meeting. 

You define the degree of openness yourself. But at the same time, you should take into account the peculiarities of your figure and the character of this man. 

What’s important is that you will feel it when a man likes how you look. You will see it in him without any problem; it’s like a wildcat that is starring down a rabbit before pouncing towards him. The imagination of the man will finish drawing invisible parts of the body which will excite him more than nudity. 

The clothes should have intrigue and mystery to them, but do not confuse this with closed clothes: high collar, long sleeve, covered legs. 

All this basically says, “I am unavailable; do not approach me!” 

There are so many styles of clothing, with which a man should guess whether you have a bra on or what panties are you wearing. Stockings look very sexy, and again, they are a mystery to men. The color of the pantyhose should be either fleshly or black, as bright red or green never suit a decent woman. A sophisticated lace transparent or translucent underwear just blows men’s minds and makes you sexier and more confident. But I do not advise you to have a lot of buttons on because a man imagines how he will be confused in all this while taking it off. In general, sexy clothes that fall down without any complications or puzzles to be solved are the best. 

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