Unroll.me Takes the Frustration Out of Going Through Your Email

It can be extremely frustrating looking at your email and finding that you have tons of emails from places you have no interest in connecting with. Who has not received unsolicited emails from coupon sites, dating sites and any other type of advertising? It is just part of having an email account. You could block all of these, but new ones will just come up in their place. There is a solution though.

Unroll.me is a new site that provides a solution. It is very simple. All you have to do is go to Unroll.me and use your Gmail to log in. A list is created that has all of the subscription emails on it. You are able to unsubscribe at this point with just a click of the button. You also can keep them and not unsubscribe but have them sent to you in one email a day that makes it more manageable. This creates a daily list called the rollup.

The company was cofounded in September 2011 by Josh Rosenwald and Jojo Hedaya, both still in their early 20s. They offer several options that the user can take part in. Instead of just removing all the emails that appear to be junk, the user has the option of putting them into a daily digest. With this, they can then go back later and look through it when they have time. They have found that this is actually beneficial for those companies, such as Groupon, that are sending the emails. It is best for them because users are far less likely to just unsubscribe from that email subscription when they have the option of being able to access them on their own time. It is found that they are actually four times less likely to hit the unsubscribe button on those.

Unroll.me is a free service that has about 35,000 users at this time. They are not the only ones that have tried this idea though. OtherInbox, was a service that was focused on users that were more technologically knowledgeable. Unsubscribe.com involved a downloadable plug but has now discontinued its unsubscribing options. Rosenwald states that he feels there is not a lot of companies trying this approach because they are afraid of dealing with emails. He feels that Gmail is the best provider and provides a good base to start an app like this. Currently, both Gmail and Yahoo mail work with this program. They are working on adding more providers.

The idea for the company came by chance. Rosenwald and Hedaya wanted to start a tech company of some kind. They were sending many emails back and forth, but they were frustrated because those emails were constantly getting lost in all the other market emails. By trying to figure out a way to clean out those emails, they happened upon the tech company idea they were looking for. With this idea, they have hit upon something that could be useful to numerous email users.

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