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10 Compliments men love hearing!

10 Compliments men love hearing!

10 compliments men love hearing!

Come rain, come spring, come earthquake or come tsunami, women have always been on the receiving end. Be it for abuse or be it for compliments, women have always been in the news.

10 compliments men love hearing!

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We cannot benignantly shrug shoulders and skip this matter altogether not because it is easy to do that, which it apparently is, but because we simply do not have anything to compliment on. And compliment a man, we never did.

So what excuse must we come up with? That men are Herculean and have a heart of stone that doesn’t need softening or that we don’t think they want to hear it from us?

And if you are puzzled that your compliment will sound like anything but a compliment, we are here to help you.

Let’s take a look at the 10 compliments men love hearing.

  • Without you, I’m incomplete

Men love to be the superman of the woman they are with. Make them feel needed. Tell them to open a stubborn jar for you or tell them to pick a heavy bag or change the lightbulb et al.It is  a sweet way to pamper their machoism.

  • You make me feel safe

One of the most significant compliment to give your man, letting them know they make you feel safe will give them a sense of satisfaction like nothing else. It is a way to appreciate their efforts.

  • Boy! You are hot!

Guys may not be tagged with body shaming as much as women are, but they certainly feel insecure about some elements of their physical appearance. Why, every person feels happy knowing that their partners find them physically pleasing! So make use of your ‘freedom of speech’ and convey your sentiments.

  • Spending time with you is my favourite thing to do

This is one of the deepest and heartfelt compliment you can appreciate your man with. Telling them how good you feel to spend time with them will let them know that you not only feel they are beautiful on the outside but inside as well.

  • You can do it!

Be it in the bedroom or in the kitchen, let your man know that you believe in him. Compliment him when he cooks something for you or when he does some plumbing work when the kitchen sink leaks.

  • This was the best date I ever had

10 compliments men love hearing!

When such a compliment is given, who wouldn’t feel wonderful? Appreciate his efforts, how ever little or big they are. Let them know that their efforts were worth it. Set all his insecurities free!

  • That’s smart of you!

Give his ego an extra boost by complementing on his brainpower. Usually, women are impressed with the amount of money a man makes or how handsome they are. Recognising and appreciating his hard work and dedication will make him love you more.

  • You look handsome in that

Comment on how awesome their choice of clothing or accessories is! And if they are doing it to impress you, you have to acknowledge their efforts! Specifically tell him about a thing, such as, “I love your shirt, you look perfect in that.”

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  • You are a real gentleman

This is one of the compliments every man craves to hear. You are not stroking his ego, you are giving him what makes him happy. Telling them they are a gentleman will make them more gentlemanly. In the end, you are the one gaining.

  • I’m proud of you

10 compliments men love hearing!

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All of us wants to be respected in a relationship. Tell him he is a good man, tell him you trust him, tell him how caring he is and see his cheeks turn crimson red.

Like women, men love compliments because it gives them happiness and satisfaction. Let’s not be so selfish and take the king’s share of vocal praise, let’s pass on some to them.


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