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4 Women celebs who battled cancer

4 Women celebs who battled cancer

4 Women celebs who battled cancer

4 Women celebs who battled cancer

Life is hard, and it often puts us under trials and tribulations but sometimes it puts you in situations where battling for your survival remains the only option. One such fight is the fight against Cancer. Here are four gorgeously brave women celebs who successfully won the fight against Cancer by the grace of early detection. Let’s find out what’s the journey of these women celebs been like!


Cynthia Nixon

The famous Sex & the City star was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2006. A cancerous tumor was discovered in her right breast during a routine mammogram. Initially, Nixon chose to stay quiet about her condition as she didn’t want her treatment to become a paparazzi and was hesitant to invite media attention in the most critical situation of her life. She broke her silence in April 2008 in an interview where she announced her battle with Cancer as she wanted to inspire women across the globe to get regular checkups and stay strong. Nixon had successfully beaten Cancer and cured herself just like her mother who fought Breast Cancer when she was 12 years old. In an interview, Nixon said, ‘I want most women to hear me saying that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.’


 Kylie Minogue

The Australian superstar singer, songwriter, and actress were diagnosed with Breast Cancer when she was just 37 years old. In her various interviews, she has said that ‘Women should trust their own gut feelings than depending upon someone wearing a white coat and a stethoscope.’ Kylie had to undergo real hard times while fighting cancer and she admits that when she saw her hair grow back, it wasn’t less than a miracle.  The singer has worked to raise money for breast cancer over recent years and has regularly worked to publicize Breast Cancer Awareness Month. One of her skimpiest bras was sold at auction for a record £2,400 three years ago for Breast Cancer Care.


Lisa Ray

An internationally acclaimed performer, philanthropist, and actor who starred in Canada’s Oscar-nominated film-Water was scanned for multiple myelomas, a type of cancer during the summer of 2009. When she heard about it first, Lisa went to shock but later decided to transform the experience into something which could help others. Lisa healed herself through nutrition, healthy choices and wellness techniques. She was declared a cancer survivor in July 2010 and ever since she has been supporting others to the fullest by sharing tips online and through special videos. She also indulged in various campaigns and lead-out programs for Cancer awareness. Lisa has a strong belief that ‘Life is for her, not against her’.


Sheryl Crow

The American singer-songwriter was diagnosed with a form of breast Cancer on February 22, 2006, at Los Angeles. She caught the suspicious calcifications in both of her breasts during a routine mammogram. After getting to know about the Cancer, she had to postpone her tour and undergo surgery. She had to undergo then seven weeks of radiation therapy and get supplemented with acupuncture and herbal teas. She was able to skip chemotherapy because her cancer was caught early. Sheryl Crow said in one of her interviews that the fight against cancer was a mixture of emotions and feelings.


In the end, I would suggest all beautiful women out there to give their health, the foremost priority and get regular checkups done as we all are aware that prevention is better than cure. Also, ladies who are in their fight against Cancer, only one thing – Stay strong and never give up.

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