5 Reasons why your child should read books!

5 Reasons why your child should read books!

5 Reasons why your child should read books!

The onset of technology has a negative impact on children. The wonderful habit of reading has taken a backseat in their lives.  Children while away a lot of time watching television or playing games on cell phones. As a result, their intellectual growth is stunted. Parents can play a pivotal role in inculcating the habit of reading in their children. Helping your child build a small library of his own is the first step towards introducing him to the life-altering experience that reading books provides. Given below are five reasons why it is important for children to read books.


  • Books enhance their focus

Does your child have a short span of attention? Does he get distracted easily? Books can be used as tools to enhance one’s focus and concentration power. If your child’s grasping power happens to be outstanding, you will find him reading big sentences in a jiffy. Try to absorb him in the world of books and the chances that he does phenomenally good in all the arenas of life are very high.


  • A time for parents and children to bond

In today’s fast paced life, it becomes very difficult for parents to spend quality time with their child. Reading sessions are great opportunities for you to interact with your children and share some anecdotes with them. Relate stories that they read to teach them the valuable lessons of life which will help him become the responsible adult you always dreamt of.  This can be done by picking specific stories revolving around the virtues of hard work and determination.


  • Leads to language development and vocabulary skills

5 Reasons why your child should read books!

You will notice a drastic improvement in your child’s choice of words once he starts reading books on a daily basis. The language used in every book is suited as per the age requirements. The child’s developing brain makes it easy for him to comprehend the nuances of language which will go a long way in honing his communication skills which is a key to success these days.


  • Gives them immense knowledge

Children are curious creatures. They are inquisitive about almost everything that is shown to them. Unlike adults, they want to delve deeper and deeper into every concept taught to them. Satiate their hunger by exposing them to the world of books. They are storehouses of valuable knowledge. Moreover, you would not want your child’s knowledge to remain confined to his academic books. This way, you are helping him to grow into a well-informed citizen.


  • Sources of inspiration

5 Reasons why your child should read books!

Books have the power to transform a child’s life. They shape his mind and help him make sense of the real world. They can have a positive effect on several aspects of his life. A lot of people I befriended during my college days owe their love for travel to the books they read during their childhood. Another set of friends advocated that the reading habit of theirs helps them stay motivated and optimistic when life hits a rough patch.


Books are the most prized possessions your child can own. These will guide him the power to dream, visualize and materialize the life he always dreamt of. The pearls of wisdom he will imbibe from reading these books will stay with him forever.



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