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5 reasons you should make love everyday

5 reasons you should make love everyday





  • Embrace your feminity 

Being a mother is the supreme symbol of femininity but nevertheless can give us sometimes the feeling we have lost it. Yes, with children to manage, in addition to job and other various obligations it is difficult to take time with your partner, to be pampered and to think about yourself!

Having repeated sex allow us to let go, to bring out the sexy and fun woman who we are, and blossoming.

  •  Share a moment of love 

Sharing this moment of love with your man will not only enable you to have a blast  but also will be good for your couple as you can put aside your busy lives. Everyone is happy and your couple will be strengthened. It is really good to have a dedicated time for the two of you everyday to maintain the rhythm.

  • Good stress manager 

“Sex helps manage stress.” Making love releases endorphins (happiness hormone) and hugs have great healing power. It will also help you to lower your blood pressure and have a better immune system.

  • From theory to practice 

Until then, it’s pretty much agree, level theory. But in practice, we can already feel exhausted by the idea: “Every day … Really … in nightmare-or even dream. Isn’t that a bit much ? ”

I tested : “It’s a challenge that my husband has accepted with great pleasure” and we tried it for two months !

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I have to say it was fantastic! No pressure, every time it was different, sometimes it  lasted for hours … and other times 15 minutes. But in any case it has  greatly strengthened our relationship, allowing us to better see “the soul” of the other.

It gave my husband even more desire to give me hugs which is really important to me. We felt much more connected to each other.

  • Resisting daily

According to a survey by, “work and family life affects the sexuality of couples, hinders their enjoyment (39%)“, so that “an overwhelming majority of Indian (93%) feel that sexuality is essential to the success of the couple, both men and women. ”

Therefore, making love every day is not only a way to strengthen your love but also to withstand the stressful everyday life, and end up (oneself). To test ?

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