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5 Stages in which men fall in love!

5 Stages in which men fall in love!

5 Stages in which men fall in love!

Both the sexes have almost the same kind of feeling when it comes to loving someone. However, people have unique experiences depending on the personalities they have. What is further important is the fact that men tend to have a different way of looking at love. They tend to have a more rational view of the idea of love unlike women who have a more emotional angle of looking at romance. For women it’s more of an “oh so lovey dovey feeing”, an emotional outburst, for most part of the day. For men it’s not that way exactly.

5 Stages in which men fall in love!

Men fall in love easily but do you know that a general pattern exists in all men? The more aware you are, the better it is to handle their emotions and keep yourself away from further confusions and misunderstanding. Men take time. They analyse. They observe. The feeling of love takes time to settle. On the other hand, women have an immediate response when they fall in love or they start liking someone. Here is a list of stages of men falling in love:


They believe in a pleasure response to the eyes first


Call it shallow or whatever, men notice the physical aspect first. That is to say that the first meet affects them. How a woman appears, matters to them. There is no point debating on it. While women pay more attention to the way a man talks or how he behaves, men in general, tend to look at how physically attractive a woman is. Of course, the benchmark of attraction is relative to the eyes of the beholder. Moreover, this idea of physical appearance doesn’t imply to the whole body in general. It may just be a single feature that he would find attractive or a group of features like the legs, the eyes, dimples or even the boobs or your booty.


They try to woo the woman they like


In the second stage, men wish to get the attention of the woman they are trying to pursue. In fact, this is almost a hit an trial process. He will go after many to be true. Of course not all of them end up successful because it is just not his preference that works in the second stage but also the woman he is trying to woo. If the woman doesn’t pay heed to his advances, he goes for the next chase. He won’t waste a very long time in trying to pursue someone who is clearly not available because he has other stages to take care of as well. So, if his interest is not reciprocated, he will move on like the previous girl never existed.


They will try to impress


After the previous stage, a man is sure about the girl will try to impress. Even at this stage, if he is not convinced he may back off. He will only wish to have his interest noticed and to receive a near equal degree of interest from the woman as well. In trying to express and clarify his position, some will go over the top to show their monetary potential as well. He will gift her lavishly and also take her to elaborate dates. He is still not in love with the woman here at this stage. All he wants to do is to do everything possible so that a positive reaction is obtained to take his liking to the next level.

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They will try to get a green signal from the girl

 5 Stages in which men fall in love!

Even after showering  her with gifts at the previous stage and making his intentions at least partially known, he will want to have a conviction that this girl is seriously into him and not playing around. At times, the girl might be giving him mixed signals, especially if he has known her for quite sometime, and she isn’t someone who is an easy catch. Therefore, he will keep wondering about how he could take things to the next level and get a positive confirmation that she wishes to commit to him.


They will convince themselves now


Until this stage all he was bothered was to have her completely for himself. He wanted to be sure if she was willing to take things a notch up. Once that is confirmed, he will try and understand his depth of liking for her. Yes, men first try and get a woman all attracted to them and then carefully decide their next move. He will now go through all the possibilities of this relationship and whether or not she is a great match. This stage is intense for him because he is constantly analyse her behaviour, her outlook and whether or not he can expect her to share her life with him in a way that meets his needs. After a series of questions and observations, he is finally ready to give his all and love her.


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