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Find out your signature scent using your Zodiac sign!

Find out your signature scent using your Zodiac sign!

Find our your signature scent using your Zodiac sign!

Find our your signature scent using your Zodiac sign!

To make anything approvable to our mindset, we human beings leave no stone unturned. It’s not exactly about our ardent faith in superstition, but rather the invisible zodiac mystery ruled by the planets. Starting from our career, to the perfect match we rely on horoscopes for living a well satisfied life. Similarly, you can also connect your zodiac sign to find for yourself the reliable perfume bottle in accordance to your personality traits. By emphasizing on zodiac signs you are not only allowing yourself and your tastes to go in accordance with the planetary position but at the same time enhancing your gait in a methodical manner.

Cannot reach a decision on your signature scent? Consent your zodiac sign to do it for you. Therefore, if you want to place the right perfume in front of your mirror, seek consent from the luminary!



 Find our your signature scent using your Zodiac sign!

Headstrong, self-reliant, zealous, enthusiastic, Aries peoplefalls under the sun sign. Seasoned and oriental fragrance suits at their best for a perfect combination of a dynamic and sanguine persona. Floral, spices and musk’s such as (Rose, pepper, ginger, vanilla, cloves, amber, coriander) are perfectly blend for giving rise to an aweless and vibrant combined scent to eulogize your individuality. Therefore, keeping in mind the adventurous spirit of a woman, and its fiery side as well, RALPH LAUREN 1, DOLCE VITA, gets a thumbs up for bringing out the best in you.



Being an earth sign, Taurus women are swayed towards sensual pleasures. For them, the sylvan, efflorescent perfume is considered the best. This is so because it contains a rosette or berry aroma which essentially arouses a romantic feeling within them. Moreover, the add mixture of (rose, violet, black pepper, jasmine, oriental) generates a fragrance which enchants all the nature lovers just as they are. Therefore, keeping in mind the sensuous and enduring nature of a Taurus woman, TRESOR, DUNE, brings out the classic style fragrances in you.



Find our your signature scent using your Zodiac sign!

Being an air sign, Gemini borne are considered creative compiled with a slight touch of being convivial, outgoing as well as persuasive. Unmixed flowery essences like(rose, honeysuckle) as well as fruits, herbs, nuts such as (lemon, grapefruit, peppermint, lavender, walnut, almond) gives rise to a wonderful aroma which is essentially soft and woody. Therefore, keeping in mind the spark curiosity in the nature of a Gemini woman, GUCCI GUILTY, MISS DIOR, gets a green signal.



Ruled by moon, Cancer borne, are perhaps the most emotional people. They are swayed towards both flowery and fruity fragrance. They have a good sense of taste, and hence the sophistication is further enriched by applying scents made of(vanilla, orange blossom, jasmine, sandalwood, white musk). This is perhaps the best combination of an oceanic floral fragrance keeping in mind your traits of being sensitiveas well. No wonder CHANEL COCO MADEMOISELLE, D&G,spreads a well enriched aroma to make men go gaga over you.




Find our your signature scent using your Zodiac sign!

This loving and well refined Leo borne falls under the fire sign. They are perhaps the most beautiful souls ever, so much so that they appreciate stuffs which has an aesthetic appeal. When it comes to your choice of scents an add mixture of floral, spices and fruits such as (cinnamon, nutmeg, lime, tangerine, orange blossom, neroli) brings out a smell which is essentially tranquilizing since it a combination of both fruity and floral scent. Hence, keeping in mind the outgoing spirited persona in you VERSACE seems more appealing.




Ruled by mercury,Virgo borne are basically practical who undergoes the various tasks in a methodical manner. Since caring for others forms a part of their trait a combination of (sandalwood, vanilla, amber, jasmine, caramel, wild berries) produces a scent which is youthful, crisp, and blooming. This vivid sensuality has a juicy outlook and therefore, keeping in mind the love, care, nurture, perfectionism and modest nature in you, VIVA LA JUICY cannot be taken simply for granted.




Find our your signature scent using your Zodiac sign!

Ruled by Venus, Libra’s have perhaps the most elegant outlook. They are no doubt romantic and knows how to shower immense love for the respective partners. Since they are captivated by a charming spree one should go for scents made of (vanilla, water lily, coconut milk, wild berries, orchids, jasmine petals, apple blossom) since it enhances the sophistication. As elegant as your style, FLORA BY GUCCI, PINK CHIFFON is the ultimate destination.




Falling under the water sign, Scorpio born people are considered a bit enigmatic. They have mood swings in accordance to the situations, and chances are that this sudden silence from you at times is considered moody by others. Nevertheless, you have a charisma, and usually opt for scents made of (magnolia, sweet pea, amber, sandalwood, delicious apple) to arouse a feeling of dynamism as instilled in your personality. Therefore, HYNOSE, DIESEL, won’t be a bad option to give rise to the passionate, exotic mood.




Find our your signature scent using your Zodiac sign!

Ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarian are naturalistic in the sense, that neither do they showoff nor do they flaunt. Your lively, zesty, exuberant traits make you draw towards scents which has an unseasoned smell and are simply refreshing and modernistic. A combination of (vines, fresh cut grass, orange blossoms, lemon) arouses the craving spirit of exploring the unexplored. Since sporty attitude defines you, LOLA ARC JACOBS, BVLGARI is the best for bringing out the optimism in you.

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Ruled by Saturn, a Capricorn woman is essentially considered as loyal, dutiful and conscientious. They have the ultimate goal as the sole target and definitely tries the best to exemplify better results. A determined state of mind reflects their personality and hence an add mixture of (blackcurrant, firewood, vanilla, Bulgarian rose, cucumbers, wild flowers green tea) soothes your apparently aromatic sensuality. Thus, DONNA KARAN DKNY BE DELICIOUS is all about your self reliant gait with a slight touch of being reserved and realistic.




The scintillating, imaginative, bona fide Aquarius borne falls under the air sign. Since fascination for trying varieties forms a crux of their personality, their love for fragrance too sheds a reflection on their style. Usage of(sandalwood,jasmine, orange blossoms, mint) in the making of the scent essentially acknowledges a magnetic sparkling personality.  Moreover, the flavor of lime and eucalyptus blends to compliment the amazingly fragrance when applied. THIERRY MUGLER ANGEL, CHOPARD WISH, deserve a thumbs up.




Find our your signature scent using your Zodiac sign!

The thoughtful, committed, resilient, Pisces borne falls under the water sign. They are the dreamers, the real dreamers whose flexibility and derivative compassionate persona finds solace in little matters. When it comes to their taste of scents combination of (sultry herbs, cedar, olive,floral bouquets, lily of the valley)produces a fragrance which is kind of sweet and entrancing. An add mixture of(guava, lychee, mango, champak a, and alcoholic cognac) in the making of your perfume is as seductive as your lush personality. DIORISSIMO describes in its best way possible a Pisces woman.

So, choose the best perfumes in accordance to your zodiac sign, and enable the aroma to create wonder and charm. Let the ingredients compliment your style in bringing out the perfect signature scent meant just for you.



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