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How to Know if a Cancer Woman is Playing You? 10 Signs!

How to Know if a Cancer Woman is Playing You? 10 Signs!

Cancer women are caring and generous. They are compassionate people with a strong moral standing but when they are in the mood to play around, they can get flirty and casual. What does it mean when a Cancer woman is ignoring you suddenly and being distant? Is your cancer woman flirting with other men? How to know if a Cancer woman is not interested in you? How to know if your Cancer woman is only using you?

Here is what it means when the Cancer woman ignores you, gives you the silent treatment, appears distant:

Cancer woman playing games when she acts aloof

If a Cancer woman acts like she is detached or aloof from you, she is letting you know that she is not romantically inclined towards you. She doesn’t want a change in status quo with you for she is either in a relationship already or doesn’t consider you a suitable match for her. She’ll flirt with you perhaps but will keep you on the loop without trying to name what she shares with you. When a Cancer woman is still unsure about you when she has spent quite a decent amount of time around you, she’ll never be sure in all honesty.

When Cancer women play hard to get they may be casual with you

The Cancer woman is capable of manipulating you. When a Cancer woman is into you, she’ll melt around you. She’ll express it easily. Her love for you will know no bounds. However, if the Cancer woman keeps playing with you or gives you no sign that she could be weaving dreams with you, she’ll make you chase her hard. She won’t give in no matter how hard you try. This is unlikely because the Cancer woman is soft-hearted and won’t play too hard if she is impressed by you.

If a Cancer woman is testing you, she may not be into you

The Cancer woman isn’t quite the straightforward individual you could meet. As she has plenty of emotional entanglements, it’s hard for her to say it like it is. She might just want to soften the blow for you and give you subtle hints instead that she doesn’t love you enough or has no intention to be in a relationship with you.

The Cancer woman’s disappearing act is sign she is not interested in you

Cancer woman is quite the infamous one for frequent changes in how she feels. She could change herself in a fraction of a second and leave you out in the cold with no intention of keeping in touch with you. So, if she disappears on you without notice, she could be paying attention to someone else or has plans she doesn’t want you to know of.

When a Cancer woman stops caring, she is done with you

A Cancer woman is highly feminine and is known for her mother-like qualities. She cares too much, sometimes attracting her own disappointments because of it. However, in the most unlikely situations, if the Cancer woman keeps a distance from you or if your Cancer woman isn’t jealous of other women hitting on you, she could be done with you or doesn’t bother about you anymore.

If a Cancer woman avoids talking about building her future with you, she doesn’t like you

The Cancer woman wants to have her family. She wants a happily ever after. If you aren’t the man of her dreams, the Cancer woman would not talk about a relationship or share her vision of a future with you. When she makes a conscious choice to not build your hopes and dreams, she could be convinced that you’re not the one for her.

When a Cancer woman hides her feelings, she is unavailable for you

If a Cancer woman keeps her feelings hidden, not sharing her emotions with you, it’s an alarm that she may not be attached to you. You’re not the one she wants to talk her deepest and darkest secrets with. That is clearly a signal that your Cancer woman might be considering other people over you.

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When a Cancer woman is too negative with you, she isn’t sure about you

The Cancer woman is known for her mood swings. Just like the waxing and waning moon, she goes through her emotional highs and lows. If a Cancer woman dumps her expectations or negativity on you, she could be in two minds about being with you. She may be testing you, unsure whether you are the one she wants to spend the rest of her life with.

When a Cancer woman wants to stay friends with benefits, they are using you

The Cancer woman wants to build a family with someone she loves and trusts. It’s important for the Cancer women to nurture their bond with someone before she decides to settle down with him. However, if she makes a proposal to keep things casual between you, chances are she is only using you for physical pleasures.

When a Cancer woman acts selfish, she doesn’t want a relationship with you

It is highly unlikely that a Cancer woman is cold and disinterested unless she wants to give you a clear signal that she is into you. If your Cancer woman behaves selfishly, unwilling to cater to your needs or accommodating your expectations, she is not willing to walk the extra mile with you.

How to know if a Cancer woman is cheating?

If a Cancer woman is cheating, she will start lying to you. She’ll want to avoid spending time with you. She would desperately try and avoid your company. She could start hiding her messages and calls from you as she doesn’t want to get caught cheating. She could also showcase random emotional outbursts when she is unable to handle the fact that she could possibly be hurting you. She has a tender heart so she may feel guilty too.

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