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The right to live in peace!

The right to live in peace!

Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness is a crucial sentence of the United States Declaration of Independence.

Looking to the Middle East Region such a sentence seems to be luxury, as first of all the right for life, living in peace needs to be guaranteed.

Starting I’d like to condemn this horrific and heinous attack by Hamas. Hamas is nothing else than a terror organization, that has nothing to do with Islam nor with freeing Palestinian people.

Its leader sits in Qatar and enjoys a luxurious life style, its sub leaders have villas in Gaza while the Gaza population is starving.

The atrocities committed, the  slaughtering of elderly, women and men, children and babies, the beheading, the poking out eyes, the cutting of body parts, the physical and mental torturing, letting parents see their children be tortured before being killed themselves –  all this leaves us speechless! Not even animals behave like that.

So this is what Hamas thinks is right to do? In the name of Islam?

It is obvious that Hamas leaders wanted to provoke Israel as much as possible through these horrific actions. While the son of the Hamas leader evacuated from Gaza, knowing what would happen, the poor civilians stay back. Even the average Hamas fighter is only a poor (but very nasty) puppet of those who sit in luxurious villas and don’t get their hands dirty! 

(By the way, how low life is it to slaughter civilians and be proud of it?! Because no guts for the real confrontation with armed soldiers?! Another topic …)

There is nothing to argue about it – what happened is beyond imagination and not justifiable, through nothing!

And again there is a spiral of hate, death and hate again.

And a development to peace with Israel and Saudi Arabia and other countries around is pushed back to uncertainty!

The right to live in peace! 

That applies of course to all Palestinians that now have to suffer the consequences of the coward  Hamas attacks. 

And obviously the development with right wing Israeli and the current government makes the dream of a two state solution difficult. Also Palestinians have their right to live in peace, not to be treated as second or third class people, not to have to go through check points every day, not to starve, not to have enough water!

Fair! Important! And hopefully this day will come!

But, it is not correct to just blame Israel for the current situation!

Every year hundreds of millions USD and EUR flow into Palestine. With that money every Palestinian could have a nice house, garden, water, enough money for education of their kids etc!

More than enough!! But, where is the money going ? How come

Hamas leaders have villas, how come some people even live in Qatar ? 

Now all Arab nations are very loud and vocal about supporting the Palestinian cause. But where is the action? Who takes them on? Who supports? Who send money to build fabrics, streets, airports etc? It’s mostly the Western world, those countries and societies that are despised by the Palestinians. Israel is blamed for cutting off the water. First of all, it’s not responsible and in power of all water supplies in Gaza, but only a part. More important though, why is there no Gaza water system? Power plants that provide electricity? Again, what happened to all those billions and billions flowing into Palestine? It   Could be the Dubai of the Mediterranean Sea, it’s not . Ask plo, ask Hamas, ask those corrupt elites why it’s not. 

Yes we think the check points are horrible and we know the drill when going through one. But why are they established? How many knife attacks  or suicide bombers needed to come before they had the right to build a fence?

Who is supporting sick Palestinians and taking them into hospitals? 

Yes, Palestinians have the right to live in peace! But it only comes when israeli people, when Jewish people can do so as well !

While the left and Arab  mainstream  keeps repeating how the Israeli suppress the Palestinians no one ever (!!) talks about how the Jews have been chased out of all Arab countries. 

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In all these countries there were thousands and thousands, these days only a few manage to stay, always with the fear of being attacked. Why? Because they are Jews!

One might not like the Israeli government and disagree on their politics, still it is a democracy!

Powerful shown when masses of Israeli went on the street to protest against that reform. Powerful shown when the president  is accused of corruption and trialed. Which Arab nation is doing that? 

Going back in history it’s obvious that Jews have been in the Palestine area. And that the world community said the Jews are to create their state after the holocaust. 

The Ottoman Empire ruled over Palestine and the Brits  took over after they lost it in World War One. Already before it was possible to buy land which many Jews and Jewish organizations did. As did Arabs by the way.

In most  cases the land was uncultivated and the Jewish settlers managed to grow trees and plants, from Oranges to dates etc. 

Also a relevant fact, back in the days there were not that many people living there. Over the last decades especially the Arab or Palestinian population exploded so now many more people live in the land than before.

We live in the now and here! Historical facts are not to justify but to explain. It is as it is so what counts now is to find a solution that everyone is happy with. 

But, everyone needs to want a fair solution ! When everyone agrees, when everyone  is fine with living the other one in peace, accepts each others right to live in peace, then there will not be any more fences, any more checkpoints, any more massacres. So we hope! And, it makes sense! Everyone is better off when  peace! Economical growth, more chances to make a living and especially 

 – no more killings! 

Let us live in peace, let’s respect  each other, let’s accept each others right to live in peace so that  we then can be in the pursuit of happiness! 

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