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What is the best drink for a woman?

What is the best drink for a woman?

InCorrupto tequila

You will probably be surprised as we think it is: Tequila

There is such a variety of different alcohols and drinks out there that one might wonder, how on earth is it possible to make a choice?

Well, that was the task so we had to decide for one alcohol / drink and we will explain our reasoning behind.

First of all the question was how to decide between the different alcohol categories. Beer, wine, sparkling wine, spirits or liqueurs. That choice was actually quite easy based on our prerequisites.

We thought it makes sense to have am alcohol that you can drink throughout the whole evening or event. For a girl, it was quite obvious that beer would not be the chosen one. But even wine is a topic as drinking just wine the whole evening could turn you very tired for example when it comes to red wine. Further wine rarely puts you in a party mood. So wine is excluded when needing one alcohol to accompany you for the whole night.

A probable choice for many would be sparkling wine or champagne, cremant etc. Yes, I love it and I could bathe in champagne. But drinking the whole evening and night champagne would mess up my system pretty much.

This leaves the hardcore stuff, the true alcohol, spirits! Now I guess it is ibvious that drinking whiskey all night is not an option. Same for rum. One could say mix it with coke but do I want that sugar all along? I do not.

Which leaves me to gin or vodka. Now, while loving a gin tonic here and there I also now about the effects it has on me when drinking to many. Also not sure I want the sugary tonic water all night long. Conclusion, skinny bitch it is. Vodka, soda water and a drop of lime juice. This sounds just perfect. No calories aside from the vodka and you stay clear and fresh. Unless you count on drinking several. Because what most alcohols have in common is that they are downers. And I do not like to be depressed after 3 drinks.

Which leads me to the actual winner of my choice: Tequila. 100 blue weber agave Tequila actually is a very premium drink. No additives, no nothing, pure agave. And as I learnt the agave need to grow 7-8 years minimum before being harvested. Then the liquid is distilled, bottled, aged, sold, drunk.

One nice thing about the agave, some know it as aloe vera, is actually the fact that it is supposed to be an aphrodisiac. Plus being an upper, mixed with no calories soda and a slice or drop of lime – that is my drink!

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Now I needed to get started to find the best tequila out there. A difficult task as tons of new brands appear. Everyone has probably heard of Casamigos , the brand of Hollywood beau George Clooney. Or Patron, Don Julio etc. Well, I did not want anything too commercial and I also found that not all of them taste that good. We all know taste is something very personal so hopefully no one takes offense.

I tried to get what I could find in the market. The Rock by the way also launched a tequila, Elon Musk has and Jessica Alba did. And many more. So how do you find the right one? And what are the criteria for the right one? Well, tasting over tasting.

Finally I had three favourite ones I cut it down to. One is called Siete Legas, the next one Incorrupto and then we have Clase Azul. Now Siete Legas is not very famous as very hard to get outside of Mexico. But it is sooooo good! Might be that this could have become my favourite as well. The last two are very different in design, similar in pricing. Both extremely expensive! Which is a negativre aspect for me, on the other hand I know that good quality has its price. While the Clase Azul bottle, all ceramics, is more outstanding by its height already I kind of liked more the design of InCorrupto. Yes, there is a difference in quantity (0.7L Clase Azul and 0.5L InCorrupto) but I guess the strategy is different. Clase azul wants to be seen on the tables, in the bars, in the clubs. InCorrupto is more modest, less shiny. I like that.

So finally the tasting gave the last kick. Again, its a matter of taste and that is personal. But my favourite drink is definitely a : Tequila soda by InCorrupto Plata!

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