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10 Signs a Scorpio Man Secretly Likes You

10 Signs a Scorpio Man Secretly Likes You

signs scorpio man likes you

If you are an avid reader of astrology, then you are aware of the notorious mystery that surrounds a Scorpio male. If this is the first time you are hearing about this, well, then think about all the Scorpio men you know of. Can you claim with certainty that you know all about him? Then how can you be sure if he likes you or not? Like everything else about him, falling in love with a Scorpio man is a tricky business. Thankfully, astrology has helped us decode some of his most subtle hints. Hints that indicate his true feelings. With these tips and advice, you will be able to figure out what move to make.

signs scorpio man likes you

1. He Will Pursue You

Now Scorpio men aren’t exactly shy about their affections. He would like to spend as much time with you as is possible for him. He’ll invite you to hang out. He will make plans. He’ll call. He’ll text. He will do everything to stay in touch with you. Now the less open types will not be as insistent on spending time together. But you will get texts and calls from these two. They will run into you in places because well, he does follow your social media. He will be taking the initiative in getting to know you better. So, you wouldn’t have to work a lot here.

2. He Is All the Guy That You Need

Ever wondered why all guys can’t be as nice as this Scorpio man? That is because not all men like you the way he does. When the men of this zodiac sign have a crush on someone, they try to be there for them. He will be extra nice to you. Helping you out whenever he can. But let me warn you. Don’t be one of those women who misuse the Scorpio man’s generosity. When he realizes that all you need is his favors, he will leave you to never come back.

3.He Will Go Beyond the Surface with You

Usually, the Scorpio men stay away from feelings and emotions as much as possible. But if he has started to have serious conversations with you, then he has more than friendship on his mind. This is the Scorpio man’s way of getting to know you better. He wants to figure out how you feel and how you think. Engage in these conversations with him and be honest. The more truthful you are in any situation the better it will be for your relationship with him.

4. He Will Be Extravagant

 scorpio man gifts

 Scorpio men are not known to be extravagant. Unless they are trying to impress someone. Then it is nothing but the best. You see it isn’t about them showing off money. It is about getting nothing but the best for their lady love. He will take you out to fancy places. He will give you the most expensive gift. Or at least as expensive as he can afford. he has an impeccable taste as it is. That combined with his liking for you will result in some great time for you.

5.He Will Ooze Sensuality

Has he started to seem sexier than usual? That’s probably because he’s trying to attract you with his sexuality. Scorpio men are very sexual beings. They are built with passion, lust, and love. When trying to attract a girl they aren’t just looking for companionship. They are looking for a partner. “Someone who knows how to ride” if Ginuwine’s song Pony can be quoted here. He will try his moves on you. Trying to turn you on without even being direct about it. His sexual charm is almost tangible. Not something that you can miss even if you tried.

6. He Becomes Your Confidant

Who do you trust the most of all the people you know? If your answer is the Scorpio man, then his quest has been successful. Trust and loyalty are the foundations on which the men of this zodiac sign build relationships. Not only do they want to trust their partners. They want their partners to trust them too. So, he will try to win your trust in whatever way possible. You wouldn’t even realize and he will soon be your biggest confidant. He will know all your problems and worries. But not another soul will find out about any of it.

7. He Will Try to Psycho-Analyse You

The Scorpio men like to be sure of everything before getting into something. So, before things get any serious, he will want to figure out all the pros and cons. This includes being with you. He would try to understand all about you. You might even feel like he is putting you through a test at times. But most of this study will be done silently and patiently. He will observe you. See how you behave around others and all that. But don’t let all of this make you nervous. Just be who you are and let things sort themselves.

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8. You Have His Attention

 scorpio man attention

 Now a Scorpio never wastes his time on anybody or anything. So, if he’s taking out time to devote to you, take that as a sign. He wants to let you know that you matter to him. What better way to do that than giving you all his attention? He will compliment on your dress or your hair. Take note of every change and detail about you. He will notice if you are sad or upset, even if no one else does. And I wouldn’t blame you if that is enough to make you fall for him. But know that he is still making up his mind. So, don’t get too attached. Take his compliments, appreciate his eye for detail and thank you for his kindness.

9.Mi Casa, Es Su Casa

He is always there to help someone in need. But he doesn’t share his life with everyone. By life, I mean everything that comes in it. He will always make you feel comfortable using his things. Will offer his phone to you when you need it. Offer you a ride. He won’t go so far as to share his toothbrush. But he will come very close to that. He will share his money and time as well. And if you know him well, you know those are the most important things to him. Most important because they are both things that he works hard to get. This is your golden ticket. If he has come this far, he is not going to back down now. So, you can either make a move and ask him out. Or wait for him to do so.

10. He Won’t Let the Competition Win

If there’s one thing that you need to know about this guy, it is that he is highly competitive. Even when it comes to love. Do you see him trying to overshadow the men around you? Is he trying to steal you away from your male friends? Or is he trying to impress you by showing off? Well, that is his animal instincts kicking in. Once he has his heart set on something, he doesn’t let it be taken away. So, he will be a little jealous and possessive of you. But don’t try to induce jealousy in him. Green is not a very nice color on him.

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