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Why Do Men Stare At Another Woman? What Can You Do To Stop this

Why Do Men Stare At Another Woman? What Can You Do To Stop this

Why Do Men Stare At Another Woman? What Can You Do To Stop this

Everyone has a wandering eye from time to time. But more than women, men are known to have wandering eyes. They even do it when their girlfriend is just beside them. And when they do this, it is obviously going to make their girlfriend insecure and annoy her to no end.

When you dress up and look your best for a date, he compliments you as well but the very next moment he spots a woman nearby and he stares at her. It pisses you off. But he might not seem to notice it at all. He’s got no clue that it’s bothering you until you voice it out loud to him.

Why Do Men Stare At Another Woman? What Can You Do To Stop this

Don’t let the wandering eye of your lover get to you and create insecurities in you, because the reason isn’t you. Don’t take it personally. Some guys just have the habit of staring at others and it may not be limited girls only and they don’t realize it at all. They are unaware of it until you point it out to them.

So why do guys look at other women anyway even if they know you hate it and it creates a mess in the relationship? Well here’s why

It Comes Through Instinct

You know men; they can’t control it when someone attractive passes by. It is an instinct, not only man’s but everyone’s to look at a person of opposite sex when they pass by. It is genital. While you can’t excuse the staring or wandering eye because of the instinct, you can’t deny that it is the same for you sometimes too.

The Other Woman Is Attractive

It is human nature to look at something that is attractive or beautiful. You can’t refrain yourself from looking at it. Same way, guys have this instinct to look at another woman whom they find attractive. Looking is different than staring of course, so if you catch him staring at the same woman for a long time you have to confront him.

They Seem Catch On Too Late

Well, men just can’t refrain from looking at women even when their girlfriend is next to them. But they should look the other way after they get a glance of the woman once they realize that it upsets you. It is in the nature of a man to look at women and you can’t change it. But he definitely should look the other way after a second or few.

The Said Woman Is Drawing Attention From Everyone

You can’t blame a man when he looks at a woman who is creating a scene in front of everyone. It is a human instinct to look at something that is drawing attention. It is particularly so when the one who’s creating the scene is a woman.

He May Or May Not Be Distracted

He may not have been particularly staring at the woman. He might be distracted and staring at someone else and at the same time the woman might be passing by and you could have caught him staring. If the case is so, you can’t yell at him for staring.

You May Be Staring At The Said Woman

I know this is something you might not want to hear but we, women have this habit of staring at another woman. You may look at the woman for just two seconds but we still do. It is not because of jealousy or something but just because we are curious about what she’s wearing or how she’s looking etc. This may have caused him to look at the woman as well, by which you might have been offended and thought that your lover was ogling her and has wandering eyes.

He May Not Be Happy With You

Why Do Men Stare At Another Woman? What Can You Do To Stop this

Well, the last reason as to why a guy may have wandering eyes is that he might not be happy with you (most unlikely though). You both might not have that good of relationship and that’s why he finds another woman more appealing. Harsh, I know, but it’s possible.

How To Stop The Wandering Eyes Of Your Lover?

We tend to jump to conclusions very soon. You may have caught your boyfriend staring at some woman just once and that might have upset you but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you or that he doesn’t want to be with you anymore. If it has happened just once or twice don’t make an issue out of it. But if you really are committed to a guy who stares at any woman that passes by and has a habit of ogling at women all the time then maybe you should confront the issue.

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You will either have to confront or learn to ignore the wandering eyes. If you feel like you can’t put up with it then end it. Here’s what you can do if the wandering eye of your boyfriend is troubling you

Tell Them It Hurts You

Sometimes, guys do things that hurt us and are pretty clueless about it. Same way this might be something that he might not have realized he is doing it and it won’t help if you just keep on hurting without letting him know about it. Explain it to him that when he does it, it hurts you. You don’t like him staring at another woman. Tell it to him clearly that you feel disrespected by it and maybe he’ll control himself next time.

It’s Their Personality, Accept It

You can’t change someone’s personality until they themselves want to change. Habits run deep and it’s hard to get rid of them easily. If you are so in love with your boyfriend that you can’t imagine your life without him and are ready to accept him even when he has wandering eyes then you have to accept it as part of his personality. Some people just like to stare and whatever you do isn’t going to change them. If you really want to stay with them then you have to accept them for who they are.

Stop Reacting To Their Wandering Eyes

Some guys do stare at other women just to make their girlfriend feel jealous or to gain power over them. If this is what you think is happening then stop reacting and getting upset when he deliberately stares at another woman. See if it helps. Maybe when you stop noticing him and ignoring his habit he might finally come to a realization.

Try Returning The Favor

I know it might seem like a bitchy move on your part but it is your relationship and you have to save it. Give your boyfriend the taste of his own medicine by ogling the super hot guy that passes by. If he does it to hurt you then he’ll know what it is like to be on the receiving end. If he doesn’t seem to notice or tell you anything then it means that their staring was purely unintentional and they don’t feel it is a wrong thing.

End It

If the wandering eye is becoming too much for you to handle and if it is causing an issue in your relationship then it is for you to know where to draw the line. When you no longer have the patience to deal with his staring and ogling, and if it is affecting you lot more than anything should then say enough and enough and break it off.

He should care enough to stop hurting you once he comes to know how you feel about him ogling another woman. If he doesn’t care then don’t be fooled and stay in the relationship. Walk away. Be prepared either to accept or to walk away.

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