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This is How You Should be Loving a Leo Man!

This is How You Should be Loving a Leo Man!

Love leo man

It all started like a fairy-tale romance, didn’t it? So, why has he suddenly started to act out? Is your affair with your Leo man starting to feel different than what you had expected? Are his past escapades making you second guess falling in love with this man? Well, any woman with a good sense will have these questions. But few women get the right solution to deal with these problems. But fear not, for astrology comes to your aid. Because I’m sharing with you some very important tips on making it work with your Leo man, by loving him right.

Love leo man

Leo Man in Love

It isn’t hard to make a Leo man fall in love with you. He is eager for passion and romance. You give him that and he will be interested in finding out what all is in store. You become his audience, his biggest cheerleader, and he’ll know you are the one for him. He’ll be generous, loving, caring, and literally, everything that you were looking for in a soulmate. That is till you rub his mane the wrong way. That is when the dark side of the Leo male will come to the fore.

Jealousy is something he cannot deal with. It is very hard for him to bear your male friends. If you think that you can flirt with someone to make yourself look desirable, you are asking for Lion’s wrath. He believes that love is the submission of body and soul. Not his body and soul, but yours. If you are a strong-willed woman that will be a problem for you. Because while he will make your dates memorable by taking you to fancy restaurants, he’ll insist on choosing what you’ll wear, how you will do your hair, and where to go.

You will have a very active social life, but only so long as he approves of all your friends. Much like the Aries, Leos don’t care much about comfort. All they care about is fancy things and luxury, as much of it as they can afford. but well, don’t you want to live like a celebrity and be the envy of all your friends? That is what the Leo man can guarantee.

What Does a Leo Man Look for in a Woman?

He may already be in love with you, but it helps if you prove to be better than all others. Not to say that he thinks any less of you. But knowing the secrets to his heart will help him remember why you are important to him. A Leo man will never take for granted a woman who gives him a good audience.

Not only do you need to be his biggest fan, you also need to be there to listen to all his whining. Whining there will be plenty. Not everyone can put up with his fragile ego and stubbornness you see. Your looks play an important role too. He needs his partner to look her best at all time. This proves to him that you put effort into your relationship. Loyalty is another factor that dominates when the Leo man is looking for the right female partner. He will give you unconditional loyalty and expects the same from you.

This, however, is not just limited to loyalty in love, but the loyalty of standing by his side, no matter what. A woman who lacks passion is no fit for the men of this zodiac. You need to be passionate about life, about him, and about your relationship. If you lack passion or start losing it, he will too. That is not something you are looking forward to.

Don’t just keep your affections in your heart. You need to display your love for him, to make him believe. He isn’t shy of public display of affection either. It makes him feel more important than the rest.

Signs a Leo Man is Falling in Love with You

 leo man love signs

 It’s easy to identify a Leo man in love. They don’t usually keep it to themselves you know. For starters, he will show you off in public. Leo men tend to make a very public display of things they hold dear. He wants the world to see how lucky he is to have what he does. If the Leo man is in love with you, you can be sure he’ll make sure everyone can appreciate you just as much as he does.

He will become the most trustworthy person in your life. Like I said earlier, loyalty is very important to this man. He won’t shy away from swearing his unconditional loyalty to you. But not all the signs of his love will be so sweet. He will become jealous and possessive too. He might not say it out loud, but he will criticise other men in your life who are not family but are close to you. He will point out their faults and try to convince you to stay away from them.

You wouldn’t need a bodyguard anymore. The Leo man will protect you from everything. He will stand up for you when he has to. He will protect you from people, the sun, pollution, everything that is within his abilities. Most importantly, he will make sure to shower you with appreciation. This is asking a lot from a typical Leo man who sees only himself as the epitome of perfection. But if he lets you stand on the same pedestal as him, you’ll know he’s in love.

Signs a Leo Man Has Lost Interest

As fiercely loyal and devoted he may seem, it is possible for Leo men to lose interest in their partners. When this happens, all you need to remember is to bring him back to focus. But for now, let’s focus on the signs that indicate that the Leo man in falling out of love. His arrogance will know no bounds when he starts falling out of love. He was never a crowd pleaser but he kept his arrogance controlled when it came to you.

The Leo man feeds off being the center of attention. If you deny him that, he will start looking for attention elsewhere. If he has stopped making the effort to make you feel special, it is a cause for concern. Leo men have too high a self-esteem to waste their energies on those who don’t matter. Thus, when he starts losing interest in you, he will take you for granted.

Does he seem cranky? Crankier than usual? And you can’t point to an obvious reason for that to happen. Know that he is losing interest in you. The men of this zodiac don’t shy away from making their lack of interest known. So, when he starts losing interest in you, he will start losing his patience with you too. The faults of yours that he let slide earlier will be made known with force. He will criticise you for everything, down to the last detail.

Compatibility with the Leo Man

One of the most common phrases used about love is “opposites attract”. Well, in the case of Zodiac, the opposite seems to be true. Think of the most polarly opposite signs to Leo. What if I were to tell you, they are his best matches too? The Leo man gets along best with an Aries woman.

Both these zodiac signs are looking for the same things from a relationship. So, it really is no surprise that they get along so well. Problems can arise if they let their egos get in the way. But if they work that out, then there’s no stopping this pair. One of the most stable and mature relationships that I know of among my peers is between a Leo male and an Aries female.

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Sagittarius is another zodiac sign that goes well with the Leo man. There will never be a dull moment in this relationship. Both enjoy the freedom and independence that they will get from their partner. If they avoid playing with fire, these lovers will be seen riding into the sunset.

A fun-loving Gemini is another partner that can make it work with the Leo male. The Gemini zodiac’s creativity coupled with Leo’s passions makes for a very dynamic relationship. Both can do well using each other’s strengths to their benefit.

Incompatibility with the Leo Man

 incompatibility Love works in mysterious ways. Astrology helps us solve these mysteries. If you find yourself in love with a Leo man and cannot seem to make it work, it is probably because of the incompatibility of your zodiac signs. But you did fall in love with him, didn’t you? This means that with the right knowledge you can make it work.

One of the signs that will find it hard to get along with the Leo man is Taurus. Dramatics, ego, jealousy, and passion do not go very well with the Taurus female. Whereas practicality, patience, humility, and stability are only words that you find in a dictionary for the Leo man. While their relationship will start off really well, it will get rocky in between. Two of my friends who were each one of these zodiacs was a classic example of how this difference in personality plays out.

Who do you think will have a harder time getting along with the Leo man? A Scorpio female, who else? When the Lion roars, the Scorpio stings. Their personalities are extremely at odds with each other. Both want to be in control both are stubborn and both give more importance to their own feelings, than their partner’s. The key to making this relationship work is practicing empathy.



Loving a Leo man is an experience you will forever cherish. Play it right and you have a knight in shining armor for a lifetime. Now that the mysteries to his heart have been solved, you can rest assured, that nothing can break you apart!


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