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Libra Men in Relationships: Love, Passion & Drama?

Libra Men in Relationships: Love, Passion & Drama?

dating libra man

A treasure has been handed to you. The treasure in the form of the Libra man you are dating or have a relationship with. You cannot even count how many of your girlfriends are jealous of your good fortune. But what do they know about dating everyone’s perfect man? Because when everyone has an eye on him, he doesn’t shy away from trying out his fortune, despite being in a relationship. It is true that he defines love, but that doesn’t mean the Libra man defines loyalty too. So, what is it like to have a relationship with a Libra man? An astrological guide to his heart, mind, and soul, is just what you need.

dating libra man

Libra Men in Relationships

If you have a gift, you must share it with the world. But sometimes the gift shares itself. The Libra man doesn’t want to be disloyal to you on purpose, but he can’t help but flirt. Flirting is his sense of adventure. It doesn’t mean that he isn’t loyal to you though. A Libra man can be fiercely loyal once he commits himself to someone.

He is a hopeless romantic too, but not one taken out of fairy-tales. His idea of being a romantic is derived from Shakespearean plays. He is masculine and sensitive. So, you’ll see him crossing swords with the Capulets and the same night he will be outside your balcony too. But if you were getting into this relationship thinking you’ll walk out when you are bored, think again. A Libra man will do everything to keep his relationship work. In him, you will find a partner who is playing for the long haul. But all that will be possible only if he is committed to you.

To get to that point you will have to get over a long period of time while he decides whether he is serious about you or not. That is a trial you will have to face because your Libra man is also very indecisive and can be unreliable. He measures everything on the scales and the verdict can slow down to the pace of a snail. But the right woman will know how to work things out with him. Because the right woman has the guide to his heart.

How to Get a Libra Man to Commit to a Relationship?

libra man commitment

The key to unlocking a successful dating life with the men of this zodiac sign is getting them to commit to the relationship. Let’s start with the least significant of factors: beauty. Libra men love elegance. So, naturally, they will remain interested in someone who dresses and lives elegantly. I say this is the least important of all factors because after a time he will be more interested in what you offer to the relationship. Elegance alone might not help you much then.

He can get attention from any woman. What he needs is tender love and care. He is looking for a partner that will look after him when he’s sick. Someone what will show happiness in his joy, and sadness in his despair. He really is looking for a soulmate and not just someone to pass the time with. This also means that you need to have an interest in his life. You might not like football, but when he talks about it, pay attention. You should show interest in everything that matters in his life.

He needs to know that you love him as no one else will. So, don’t shy away from displaying your affections. Not only does he need you to love him through actions, but he wouldn’t mind love that comes through words. Libra is one of the few zodiacs that doesn’t mind frequent texts from their loved ones. So, let him know that you are in your thoughts always. Don’t go overboard with it, but don’t desert him online either.

How to Handle a Libra Man?

For all the promises of romance, Libra is a tough zodiac sign to handle. But in order to do so successfully, you will need to understand your Libra man. His indecisiveness will make you go crazy sometimes. To deal with that you need to learn how to maneuver and speed up his decision-making process. Work out all the arguments for and against the situation at hand for him. If you are bringing a proposal to him, do your homework.

He will get cranky when life seems out of balance. Try to balance life for him when you can. But be supportive when you cannot. It is important that you don’t lose your cool over his brooding because of the unfairness of life. Which brings us to another cause, very dear to his soul: justice. People aren’t all saints but they should most certainly strive to be. That is the way of life for your Libra man. So, make sure you are never unfair to him or anyone else. It is actually a good thing for you too. This allows you to be a better human being as well. But know this that he even considers gossip to be a very unjust indulgence. Being just allows him to appreciate equality.

He will treat you as his equal, so, don’t try to dominate him. As a Capricorn woman, you might do it unintentionally. When you do that, it can turn against you. If he respects you enough to stand beside you, return the favor. Don’t take advantage of it.

How to Tell When a Libra is Cheating?

libra man cheating

It is a sad possibility, but a possibility all the same. For all his loyalty, men of this zodiac sign are capable of cheating. So, how do you tell if he’s playing you? This one is a loose cannon, but if he’s picking up new hobbies, things might be fishy. Remember I told you he’s a flirt? And remember how we all pick up new interests to impress a new prospective partner? That could be happening to your Libra man too.

He is a person who loves to socialize. So, if he doesn’t seem interested in going out with you anymore, you have reasons to worry. Every time you plan to hang out with his friends, he cancels. Or worse tries to dissuade you from going. You probably see him stuck to his phone all the time. But it might be worrisome if he doesn’t tell you who he’s texting. He’ll ignore your query or say that it’s just someone from work or no one you know. That is unlike a just and fair Libra, isn’t it?

Much like that, he will start shutting you out. You were a part of everything he did. But now he just doesn’t think about involving you in anything. That could be because he shares that space with someone else now.

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What to Do When a Libra is Mad at You?

If you want to avoid a falling out with your Libra man you need to love him right. One of the most important things in that regard is to resolve conflicts. Don’t react if he’s being vindictive. That can be difficult if you are an Aries woman. They don’t usually get so mad that they will try to ruin your life. But when they do, by reacting immaturely you will only further your troubles.

Let it be known that you are hurt by his actions. If you simply state how much hurt his revenge plan has caused he will refrain. He might feel some satisfaction in the beginning but then the unfairness of his actions will bring him around. If he is in the wrong, he would come around. If he hasn’t, then know that you were probably the one who made the mistake. Don’t refrain from apologizing. He will not think of you as weak but would appreciate you realizing your mistake. He might not forgive you right away. But a sincere apology will never go to waste with him.

Don’t force him to tackle the issue of conflict when he doesn’t want to. If you do that, it will only make things worse for you. Give him his time to analyze how he wants to go about it. It isn’t difficult to resolve a conflict with a Libra male. All you need to do is keep your ego aside and be willing to work things out.





He is a wonderful human being. And sometimes, to keep a treasure you have to make some sacrifices. If you give him the understanding he needs, be sure he would return it to you ten times over. Just remember what is more important, your ego or him.

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