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Zodiac reveals what kind of a girlfriend you are!

Zodiac reveals what kind of a girlfriend you are!

Zodiac reveals what kind of a girlfriend you are!

Are you a clingy girlfriend who calls her guy ten times a day just to hear those three magical words or someone who doesn’t give a damn if he has cravings for you or not?

Zodiac reveals what kind of a girlfriend you are!

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Believe it or not, your zodiac sign has a lot to do with your attitude towards love. Astrology might be playing cupid or anti-cupid in your love story. However, these facts need not be applicable for every girl out there, but you’d surely link with most of the traits as they’ve been observed to be shared by a majority of women belonging to a particular sign.


 Aries : Fearless


You’re known for your upbeat personality and your love story must come with its own adventures to get you glued to it. Your fearless persona can make any guy fall at your feet but your overconfident attitude might intimidate him at times. You believe in cross-checking everything before you rush into commitment but once you’re head over heels in love with someone, rest assured that you’d never give it a second thought. You desire to explore the world so making adjustments with someone who feels rather homesick can be challenging. You don’t like giving your boyfriend that ‘I’m fine’ treatment because when something bothers you, you don’t hold yourself back from expressing it. Pretty straight-forward, that’s who you are.


Taurus : Loyal


Stubborn, hard to please, yet the most secure and loyal person someone can ever meet. Even the coolest guy on Earth may not succeed in making you go crazy over him but someone who’s simple, grounded and a one woman man might make your heart skip a beat. You keep loyalty, stability and commitment above all in your priority list and expect the same from your man too. You will give your partner the needed space but if he is trying to just hook up with you or seeks a thing like a one-night stand, you won’t take a second in turning him down. You believe in keeping a single quarter than to have a hundred pennies i.e. just one deserving partner by your side forever but not tons of boyfriends for short-term benefits.


Gemini : Unpredictable

Zodiac reveals what kind of a girlfriend you are!

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You’ve a dual side of every nature you possess. You can be your boyfriend’s savior as well as someone who needs pampering at every level. You can spend an entire day lying lazily on the couch with a TV show marathon going on as well as sway him to come with you for an adventurous long drive. You believe in transforming every dull moment into an exciting one. You’re such a gem that has the power to make people idealize your relationship and wish for one as great as yours. You believe in the theory ‘life’s what you make it’ so, you try to make the best out of everything you’ve got.


Cancer : Nurturer


You play a mother more than a girlfriend to your partner. Taking care of your partner’s needs and showing him compassion to the core are some of the tasks, no other sign in the universe can accomplish better than you. You’ve got everything what it takes to lend a strong shoulder to your partner any time he needs one to cry on. For you, love is synonymous with unconditional support. You’re the one who doesn’t need Facebook’s notification to remember her partner’s birthday. Not only even the little details about your relationship are on the tip of your tongue, you also believe in making each and every moment worth being cherished. You can never let go of your partner no matter how many crests and troughs come your way.


Leo : Dominating

Zodiac reveals what kind of a girlfriend you are!

You’re a true lioness whom no one can keep behind the bars. If a man tries to crush your opinions, you will show him where he stands. Your flamboyant persona is so hard to resist that a number of men would bend down on their knees to make you theirs. Even though, you’re most likely to be surrounded by your followers who crave your company, it doesn’t make you lag behind in the race of loyalty. You love to dress-up and look your best, not just to flaunt your beauty before your man but because you like being that way. You’re strong, independent, ambitious and don’t need your man’s wallet to pay your bills. In spite of your dominating nature, you accept your partner for who he is and also make him learn to be comfortable in his own skin. You’ve the guts to burn yourself to give warmth to your partner. You’re the most confident, inspiring and generous person a man can date till he tries to rip off your individuality. Once he dare do that, you will never spare him.


Virgo : Companion


You’re his best friend in disguise. You’re someone he can have a 3 a.m. conversation with regarding all his troubles. No one can analyze a situation better than you do when it comes to giving a life-saving advice to your partner. You’ve the capabilities to make decisions on his behalf and he can’t help but trust you. You may not believe in giving romantic cards, chocolates and flowers to your partner but making real efforts to make your relationship one of a kind is the must for you. You’re the one he can rush to whenever he needs a support system by his side. But there’s one thing you can never compromise on…. adjustments from both the sides. You don’t mind giving your relationship your all, provided the efforts are equally reciprocated.


Libra : Friendly


You’re the social butterfly who has it easy in getting along with her partner’s near dear ones. Your loving and warm attitude is enough to draw anyone towards you. You’re an expert in winning hearts all over like that. You’ve a habit of rationalizing everything so that you know which things in your life should be given their share of importance and which ones should be bidden a goodbye. You don’t agree with the concept of casual dating as being with a person in the long run holds more importance for you than to just have a good time. You pay an extra attention to all the dos and don’ts of the relationship before getting emotionally involved. You believe in treating your partner exactly the way he deserves and expect the same for yourself as well.


Scorpio : Intense


Your mysteriously intense nature makes you a great lover above all. You know how to express your feelings for someone who deserves to see your passionate side. For you, love is incomplete without intimacy and you wouldn’t mind at all to make the first move. A mouth-watering relationship, well cooked with ingredients like romance, trust and little bit of surprises, is exactly what you seek. You’re a great listener and love to take up your partner’s advices to make him feel good. You’re susceptible to changes, rarely lose control but might annoy your partner at times because of your habit of keeping things to yourself.


Sagittarius : Adventurous

Zodiac reveals what kind of a girlfriend you are!

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Spontaneous as hell, for you life is a movie. You live every day as if it’s your last one. Even your relationship is like an adventurous journey for you, and you do believe in making it more beautiful than the destination itself. Your fun-loving outlook towards life make it difficult for you to take things seriously. You live in the moment without giving much thoughts to what future has in store for you. This demeanor of yours makes you seek a roller coaster worthy life that is unbeatable in terms of excitement. You will be there for your partner through thick and thin but once you feel that the relationship has got monotonous, you might not mind parting ways.


Capricorn : Mature


You’re not one of those who have their hearts on their sleeve. When it comes to relationships, you do believe in having one where you and your partner can have those future talks. A girl who gets pleased with fake compliments, that’s not who you are. You might compromise on love, but never on respect. Your elegance is your asset and that’s what makes you the perfect example of a complete lady. You’re choosy and have a classy taste and demand the standards to be met while you’re looking for your Mr. Right. You need a partner who meets your expectations and nothing can convince you to settle for anything less but perfect.


Aquarius : Charismatic


You possess a charm that can woo any man and make him take a breathe of chill, doesn’t matter how tough the situation is. You can convince your partner to sit back, relax and have fun even in the days of hardship. But when it comes to having a stable relationship, you lag behind somewhere. You believe in changing trends and walking on roads less taken. If someone forces you to do things the conventional manner, that might freak you out. You’re loyal, no doubts, but you prefer break-ups over stretching a hopeless relationship beyond limits.


Pisces : Sensitive

Zodiac reveals what kind of a girlfriend you are!

You come out of your shell only for some really special people who matter in your life. You’re gentle, peaceful, kind and optimistic a soul as can be. It won’t be a cakewalk for your partner to get to see the real you but once the ice breaks, you prove to be his shelter during a wild storm. You believe that there’s more to life than just crying over what’s lost. You’re calm and composed and see the beauty concealed in simple things. Instead of complaining, you believe in looking at the brighter side of your relationship. You’re someone who brings a smile to your partner’s face when he is expecting it the least.


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