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This is How You Should be Loving an Aquarius Man!

This is How You Should be Loving an Aquarius Man!

aquarius man in love signs

Whenever I think of Aquarius men, I think of E.T. from Steven Spielberg’s move of the same name. not that they look as hideous as the alien itself. Mind you, Aquarius men are some of the most handsome men there are. But E.T. in the sense that they don’t belong to this planet. Yet, you can’t help but love them. Is that how you feel with your Aquarian beau sometimes? Doesn’t it get difficult trying to comprehend him? But at the same time, that is the beauty of your relationship, isn’t it? The mystery. Still, you need to know the right way to do things. The right way to love him to keep your relationship strong despite the surprises he throws at you. So, here are a few tips to keep your love with the Aquarian man strong!

loving an aquarius man

Aquarius Man in Love

It takes a long time for him to admit that he loves someone. This is mainly because letting one person be more valuable than others is just not how Aquarians like to do things. This man has a special place for everyone in his heart. So, if he loves you, that is something else. It’s beyond words and explanation which makes it all the harder for him to express. So, they generally resort to saying they don’t like you, when in fact they have fallen in love.

But well, the nuances of this argument too need to be studied properly to understand what exactly he is referring to. He likes to live each and every moment of his life to the fullest. This makes him unable to commit for he is so busy enjoying the experience that those thoughts don’t cross his mind. That is what a relationship is to him: an experience. Till the time you don’t walk down the aisle, it will all be an experience to him.

Given how he loves to analyze he will hang on to every word of yours, trying to dissect the meaning behind it. Because once he realizes that he has chosen one woman above all others to fall in love with he will be a dedicated lover. But he might also ignore you at times to give time to all the others he has chosen to ignore by falling in love with you. All in all, here’s a man who will love you like no other. Because falling in love with him truly is, “something else”.

Signs of an Aquarius Man in Love

aquarius man in love signs

While he wants to know about everything that’s going on in your life, he rarely shares his own feelings. So, when he starts letting you in your life, it is a sign he is in love. One thing that you can be proud of in regards to him is that he doesn’t flirt. He is too engrossed in his own life that he doesn’t even think about it. So, when he starts flirting with you, you know he has started to fall for you.

Not only does he not share his feelings, but he also keeps his dreams and goals to himself. So, you know it’s a sign when he shares his dreams, plans, and fantasies with you. Once he realizes he has fallen for you, he doesn’t shy away from showing his affection in public. Public display of affection is not something he feels ashamed of.

And before you know it, you will become his best friend. He cannot fall in love with a stranger. Only when he knows he can rely on you and stay with you forever, will he take the next step. Before introducing you as his girlfriend, he will be calling you his best friend. Most importantly, you will have his attention. If you have known him for a while, you will know it is a treasure worth everything.

What Does an Aquarius Man Look for in a Woman?

Before he falls in love with you, you need to be the woman he can fall in love with. More importantly, stay the woman he fell in love with. For starters, he likes independent women. He is too engrossed in the world around him to bear responsibilities. The fact that he sustains himself is in itself a great achievement. So, he wants a woman who doesn’t depend on him too much.

Not only does he like beautiful, independent women, but also women that are smart and intelligent. His ability to analyze in great detail allows him to have deep philosophical thoughts. These he needs to share with the woman he will love. She needs to be able to have these conversations with him and his friends too. The woman of his dreams will also compliment his happy-go-lucky nature. A pessimistic, deadbeat woman will only kill his own vibe. So, you need to be compatible with how he rolls.

He rarely opens up to people, so, when he does, the other person should be understanding. Don’t judge or be ignorant to what he says. Even if you can’t see how he sees things accommodate his thoughts with respect. More importantly, the woman he falls in love with must be a romantic as well. You know he is.

How to Show Your Love to an Aquarius Man?

You always need to be sure that he knows you love him. You see, he keeps an eye on everything that you do, so, if he feels you aren’t as dedicated as he is, he might start drifting apart. To begin with, give him his space. Sometimes he will feel the need to give attention to his friends too. During that time, he won’t be able to cater to your needs. So, don’t force your needs on him.

He doesn’t feed off of drama. Honesty, thus, becomes a key factor in your relationship with him. Be honest with him about everything. Learn to put your words right to make him understand when you feel like he might feel bad. Allow him his freedom. This is different from giving him his space. He will want to do things that you don’t approve of. Don’t try to control him or dictate what and how he does things.

Be spontaneous and full of surprises. When you show an effort to keep life upbeat, he will know you love him. Keeping life exciting for him is the best way you can show your love for him. Above all, stay loyal. You will never find him flirting. Unless he has an influence from any other zodiac sign in his natal chart he will be true to you always. So, naturally, you need to return the favor and be loyal.

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Compatibility with the Aquarius Man

compatibility with aquarius

From personal experience, I can tell, that Aquarius men are highly compatible with Aries women. Their sexual compatibility can be really exciting. Both understand the importance of trust in the relationship. They think on the same wavelength and are thus able to understand each other well. And both are always ready to hit the road and do something fun. Life is a dream for this couple.

The sexual intimacy between an Aquarius man and a Gemini woman is so strong that sometimes they don’t even need to get to the physical part of the act. They are both social butterflies. Quite unlike the typical Gemini woman, she will find this man completely trustworthy and will return the same. Their love for intellectual conversations will give them a lot to talk about. Only they can understand what the best way to surprise the other is.

The Libra woman feels extremely comfortable around the Aquarius man. They help each other open up about their insecurities. This travels through their sexual compatibility and ability to trust one another. Their emotional harmony will be on point. Each has trouble expressing and both understand the needs of one another.

Incompatibility with the Aquarius Man

It would be foolish to say that zodiac signs alone control love between two people. Yet, it does have some say. And who says things can’t be worked out? Especially when you know what’s wrong.

Taurus women will find trouble loving an Aquarius man. There is barely any sexual compatibility between most of these couples. The behavior of each stresses the other out. Neither can find common ground with the other and this makes them close up about things. They will need extra effort to make their relationship work.

Another sign that doesn’t hit it off with the Aquarius man right away is Scorpio. Ideally, these two should have the ultimate sexual union but we don’t live in an ideal world. In the real world, both find it extremely difficult to balance each other’s passion, desires, emotions, and rationale. All of which will make it difficult for them to truly appreciate one another.


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