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5 Common and surprising causes of insomnia

5 Common and surprising causes of insomnia

The word insomnia is around us most of the time. Sometimes we hear it from our colleagues or friends or we read it somewhere online. It is so commonly used these days that the seriousness of the problem now seems to have normalized. This is really sad as insomnia is a problem that we shouldn’t be okay with. Insomnia is habitual sleeplessness or we may say the inability to sleep that paves way for drowsiness and several other health issues. The rigorous working culture of 2017 or simply your careless to give health a priority could be the reason behind Insomnia. In this article, I am going to lay out a couple of causes of insomnia taken directly from our day to day lives. We don’t realize that we are building a problem within us by putting us through these habits everyday. Here we go!

5 Common and surprising causes of insomnia


 5 Common and surprising causes of insomnia

Coffee is bae, I know! But 5-6 mugs of coffee intake daily is surely not ruling out to anything good. Caffeine helps in disrupting sleep and when we start drinking too much caffeine for sleep disruption, we put our bodies in a sleeplessness cycle. The caffeine addiction is a common factor behind insomnia and many other issues of sleep deprivation. If you are having too much coffee or anything that contains caffeine, chances are that you are an addict. The addiction of caffeine makes you rely on caffeine more and more.



Several studies have shown that medications do impact a sleep deprived state. Medications of low blood pressure or anti-depressants have indicated signs of insomnia in people. Medicine that are used for heart treatment or drugs used for maintaining heart rhythm often form cases of sleep difficulties. Hence, if you are prescribed any medicines you must ask your doctor about this problem.


  1. sedentary LIFESTYLE

5 Common and surprising causes of insomnia

I believe that there is nothing as common as bad lifestyle. In a country that is flooded my young population, I don’t think we are setting good example for the coming generations as lifestyle is surely not a priority for us. Engrossed in building our careers or spending too much time online, we have forgotten the very essence of a good lifestyle for a healthy life. ‘Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man, healthy, wealthy and wise’ is strictly replaced with ‘Late to bed, late to rise, has forced us to grow plus size’. Eating homely meals is not in our lists anymore. We like the greasy food that does no good to our bodies and keeps us feeling hungrier. Just a quick reminder that the reason there is no such thing as ‘junk food’. Either there is junk or there is food.



Over 5 crore people suffer from depression in India. There are plethora of reasons behind it but this depression is one of the common causes of insomnia. Sleep is very important for our body. Right duration  of sleep is the only thing that will set you up for a healthier life and depression is anti to that. In fact, one of the main reasons to know if you have depression is to check if you are an insomniac. People with clinical depression face the problem of inability to stay asleep or fall asleep on a daily basis. It triggers several other sleep problems as well. Depression is also one term that has been normalized in our societies today. Little do we realize that it accounts to several other behavioral problems and makes day to day living harder.

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When there are changes to the brain regions and chemicals, it often accounts to neurological problems. Some common problems are Parkinson, Alzheimers and stroke.  Neurological diseases are found to be a common factor of insomnia. Insomnia could also be an underlying factor to these diseases. For example, restless leg syndrome which is a neurological disorder has an underlying problem of insomnia.


So these are five common causes of insomnia. Researches have shown that several psychiatric and medical conditions also account to the problem of sleep deprivation in people. It also can be biological. Nasal and sinus allergies, chronic back pain (especially lower back pain), asthma, arthritis are common medical conditions that cause insomnia. Unhealthy sleeping habits and as discussed above a bad lifestyle, all these factors collectively contribute to the problem of insomnia.


Regardless of how hectic your work schedule is or how habitual you are to the sedentary lifestyle, the problem of insomnia cannot be placed in a position of ignorance. It is a problem that can escalate into bigger problems, maybe now or at a later stage. It requires to be addressed and paid attention to. Going for a party after a rough day isn’t the break your body needs, both your body and mind requires proper rest and that should become your priority too.

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