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How to Know if a Libra Woman is Playing You? 10 Signs!

How to Know if a Libra Woman is Playing You? 10 Signs!

Libra women are inexpressive when they are not pursuing you romantically. They could be pursuing too many people at the same time, especially if they aren’t dedicated to exploring an intimate connection with you. How do Libras break up with people? How to know if a Libra woman is not into you? How does a Libra woman behave when she Is not serious about you? How to know if a Libra woman is using you for sex? Here are some clear signs that a Libra woman is not in love with you:

Libra woman playing games will act cold

Libra women are a bit detached unless they are truly in love with someone. They love attention. So, they would do anything to have it from any quarters as long as they wish to. They could act cold around you if you don’t not interest them romantically.

When Libra women play hard to get they may be disinterested in you

The Libra woman is flirtatious. They often have a ton of friends as they like to keep a huge network of friends. It’s not surprising to find a Libra woman in touch with their past flings or romantic connections. If she continues to keep you in her list of people she wants to explore a relationship with, she’ll play hard to get. It also means you’re just remaining one of those lucky people on her list and that’s just it. She may not really be interested or she wouldn’t have a long list in the first place.

If a Libra woman is testing you, she will act impatiently around you

Libra women are pretty much nervous with all the airy elements in their character. She’ll make sure you know that she isn’t too interested in you. The Libra woman will ignore you if you don’t mean much to her. She’ll drop hints everywhere for you to pick. She doesn’t like to keep her decisions hanging so if you haven’t impressed her, she’ll let you know through her distractions, her busy schedule and her never ending plans with her “friends” should give you enough hints that she just doesn’t want you.

The Libra woman’s disappearing act is sign she is not into you

If a Libra woman is unsure about you, she will make Swift moves to run away from you. The Libra woman hates confrontation. So, she may not come at you directly to tell you what she feels about the future of the relationship. How this could manifest is in the form of a quick move out of your life without an explanation. Yes, she won’t typically give you closure if she has plans to dump you soon.

When a Libra woman stops caring, she is over you

The Libra is not one of the typically caring people you’ll know but they have some materialistic ways of expressing their love. That is their love language. If she stops sending you gifts or refrains from spending on you or contributes equally for good times spent together, it’s a major sign, she may have plans to settle down with you. She could stay in touch because she won’t be rude to your face, but when the Libra woman has no interest she will fake her care.

If a Libra woman avoids future talks, she dislikes you

The Libra woman isn’t someone who would be interested in walking down the aisle too soon. They are in search of an ideal man who sweeps them off their feet. Ruled by Venus, they have a keen eye for the finest things in life. She wants to nurture a beautiful relationship that culminates into a marriage. However, if she speaks nothing about commitment to you, chances are, she doesn’t like you enough.

When a Libra woman doesn’t show affection, she is unavailable for you

Libra women do show their affection when they have fallen head over heels for someone. They’ll blend in and become who the other person needs her to be. She is strong and bold but in love she is mushy too. If she makes conscious efforts to keep her feelings from you, either she is scared that it may not be well reciprocated or she doesn’t feel the same way as you.

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When a Libra woman is too negative with you, she won’t marry you

The Libra woman can get rude, cold, and insecure when she wants to avoid you. If she constantly nags around you or blames you for everything that goes on in her life, she could be projecting her hurt and pain on you. She isn’t necessarily in love with you. She’ll crib and throw tantrums with no intention to make up with you. When the air around your Libra woman is too toxic, she could just be using you.

When a Libra woman wants no strings attached, they are using you

If a Libra woman is specifically asking you for an arrangement where there are sexual benefits with no emotional exchanges, she is casual about you. She isn’t too keen on being in love with you. She may not be invested in you enough to go beyond keeping things till the bedroom only. If she has been vocal about it, your Libra woman is simply a player.

When a Libra woman flirts with other men, she isn’t serious about you

When a Libra woman is eyeing other men even when you are around her, she might just consider you a friend. She introduces you to everyone as her friend. Your conversations are superficial with no intention from her end to take it further. She tries to diss all your efforts at putting a tag to the relationship. This means that she needs to keep the equation open with no intention immediately to become your romantic partner.

How to know if a Libra woman is cheating?

When a Libra woman cheats she will lie. She is great at conversations and when she doesn’t wish to confront you or face your questions she will make excuses to move away from you. She could seem distracted and unwilling to tell you what she feels without manipulating her words. She may try to keep you in loop so she could come back to you just in case other options don’t work in her favor. Yes, Libra women can use their potential mates that way. When she is cheating, she’ll be on her phone more than she pays attention to you. She could be more willing to spend time with others instead of you. She’ll be outside home more than doing things that she would previously do with you.

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