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8 Simple ways to find your passion

8 Simple ways to find your passion

8 Simple ways to find your passion

Very often in our lives we feel lost and displeased. We are confused what to do and where to head in life. When we share this feeling with someone, they say ‘Follow your passion’. Passion is something that keeps our life going. It is things that keeps us energized and motivated towards moving forward. Passion makes us happy and fills us with joy. It acts like a powerful force and fuels us with positive thoughts. It helps us stay engaged and gives us a sense of accomplishment. But what if we are unaware about our passion? What if we simply don’t know what brings us happiness?

8 Simple ways to find your passion

In that case, we need to follow these simple ways to find out what our passion is.

  1. Think about things that interest you

There are plethora of things that a person can try. You have to find out what are the things that hold your interest. If there is any activity that brings that big smile on your face whenever you are told to perform it, that is because you are passionate about it. If it sets your pulse racing, that means you are avid about it.

  1. Will you do it if you are not paid for it?

8 Simple ways to find your passion

Now, this is the big question. In fact, this is the best problem solver. If your answer to this question is a yes, there is just no denial that you have found your passion. No man wants to do anything for free, especially when he/she acquires the skills for it. But if there is something, for example, the skill of dancing, if you are ever offered to dance but without remuneration and you are willing to do it because that makes you happy, it means you are extremely passionate about it. [Read: Quitting your job? 6 Things to do as soon as possible!]


  1. Can you read straight 10 books on that topic without getting bored?

8 Simple ways to find your passion

When you are passionate for something, it is seldom that you get bored of it. Something about it will always keep you excited and you will always be willing to explore it more. Ask yourself this question, if the answer is positive, you are clear what keeps you going. Opt that and work harder! Suppose you have an interest for paintings, ask yourself if you are willing to paint ten paintings in a row, and you know rest of the drill. [Read: 5 Reasons why your child should read books!]


  1. What hobbies did you enjoy as a kid?

8 Simple ways to find your passion

This is a great way to find out what interests you. As a kid, we were clear about the things we liked and disliked. If we didn’t like playing basketball, we would never signup for a game of basketball. Kids always tend to do what makes them happy. So, dwell back into your childhood days  and rewind what kept you busy. You will definitely be able to find answers to your dilemma. Usually what happens is that as you grow up, you are burdened with responsibilities and there is pressure from everywhere.  Meanwhile you stop experiencing or trying new things, and begin to lack sheen and easily forget what your passion was as a kid. [Read: 8 Unconventional jobs you thought were hobbies!]


  1. Visualization

The power of visualization is still a message unknown to millions of people. Visualization is like a therapy to the mind and it has all the answers in store for you. In order to find your passion, start visualizing things. Very often we start to imagine things to get an escape from the reality and those imaginations help us travel into another world of bliss and delight. So visualize things and find out what brings you pleasure.


  1. Start something from the scratch


Starting something from the scratch helps the mind identify whether you are interested enough to finish the task. If in the process of creating something, you tend to get bored, it clearly is an indication that you are not driven towards the activity and you do not like your involvement in the particular job.


  1. Take a closer look at what makes you jealous

Oh yes! Jealousy is a common human emotion and it is okay to be jealous of people until it is too green that it  hampers someone’s peace of mind.  You should analyze that what is it that other people do that makes you jealous? Probably those are the things you wish to try. This will help you filter activities from the vast list of things you can possibly try. Eventually, you can try those and figure out what you wish to pursue. [Read: Auto-corrects for a jealous friendship]

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  1. Pay attention to what makes you curious

Curiosity is the pregnant thought of interest. When a person is interested in something, he/she is ought to look into the subject deeper.  You will try equipping yourself with more knowledge and you will always be inquisitive about it.


Aren’t they simple and ought to solve your confusions? You must try them as I can assure you it will help you get a direction in life. You will be able to clear the dilemma out of your head. The ways suggested above are constructive ways to find your passion and will help you develop a clearer picture of your likings and disliking.

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