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7 Evening Rituals to help you relax

7 Evening Rituals to help you relax

Often I see people strongly recommending following good morning and night time routine. I seldom find people who talk about evenings. They might be busy in winding up the office tasks and rush to reach home and just hit their pillow. Well, it doesn’t matter much what type of person you are, or how busy you remain all the day. As long as you are breathing you should give your evenings a fair share.


You should establish a set of tranquil evening routine. Follow the tips below and it will help you to drift off into the dreamland more easily.

  1. Disconnect:

Evening is the sign that you need to disconnect from the outer world. You should minimize your mobile use; just put it away unless you get an emergency call. Disengage yourself from ipads, laptops and also the television that can burden your system. You just need to relax and this is the first step to give your mind and body a nice break.


  1. Take a Bath:

If you are a working women, then get yourself relaxed a bit after reaching home. Now as you have already been free of everything, you should take a bath. No matter what season it is, taking bath after an eventful day will surely give you a great relief. You will feel tranquil. In winters, I love hot bath every evening and it helps me to unwind all the stress with its soothing warmth and silence.


  1. Mini Massage:

As you run a hot bath, I would suggest you to slowly perform a self-administered massage. Pick any essential oil of your choice, massage on your body for few minutes and then submerge yourself in warm tub for 10-15 minutes. You will be super relaxed.


  1. Herbal Tea:

After bath, I love to have warm relaxing herbal tea. It gives handsome boost to my earlier declining energies. Just give it a try and you would love to continue this practice. It will also help to reduce weight then why not to gain more than one benefits from one cup of herbal tea.


  1. Slow Down:

You must try to minimize mentally intensive or exciting activities. Children might want your attention and it is good to respond but remember not to prolong the session. If you neglect this thing, you will find it hard to wind down your excited or tensed brain that can lead to insomnia.

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  1. Eat light:

Now this is really a grave issue to consider. I am not saying to not to take anything at all. You can have snacks with your evening mug of tea but keep the dosage light. Remember your dinner is still due. And, if you eat more or something greasy it will be heavy on your stomach. Skipping dinner isn’t a good option and therefore eat less and light in the evening.

  1. Create Soothing Ambiance:

If you have children, it might be difficult for you. But, once the routine is set your kids will realize and accept the fact that you need to relax for some time. Diffuse relaxing aroma and its subtle and calming fragrance will ease your nerves. I play soothing music along with and my room becomes more restful.




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