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5 Things to consider before you commit to someone

5 Things to consider before you commit to someone

5 Things to consider before you commit to someone

Commitment in a relationship sets the pace of a long term agreement to be together. Sometimes, we get all too weak when dealing with a person who shows some interest and it is easy to get influenced by them. Now, if you are lucky enough and things work in your favour, it’s great. But in case you choose the wrong path and trust this person all too soon, you can be cooking the perfect recipe for disaster. Commitment needs a solid foundation. You can never really know a person enough unless he/ she chooses to reveal the truest colours of their personality before you honestly. You might be thinking, how soon is too soon? Well, this aspect varies from couple to couple and what works for someone may not work for you. It is always wiser to get all the troubled waters tested before you finally say a “Yes”. After all, a heartache sooner is better than an abusive relationship everyday that takes a toll on your mind and body. Fret not for we are here to help you with a few tips. Here are a few factors that you should keep in mind before you finally decide to commit to someone:

5 Things to consider before you commit to someone

How much do you actually know about him? Has he enquired enough about you?


Trusting someone before we have even verified a few details about them is something we are all guilty of doing again and again. Even if we have faltered in relationships previously, we still know that we don’t really enquire much before we have dived in too deep in the relationship and things cannot be undone. So, how much interested did this man appear in the initial phase? Did he truly want to know the person you are or just acted to like you for reasons that are too superficial for a long term commitment? Did you meet him with the people that form the core part of his life, like his friends and family? We often tend to meet the close people too late or may be just before the wedding which is why we fail to see the nuances of his behaviour. Deciding on what we are actually looking for in the romantic relationship that we seek is important. You need to have all your priorities in place and then look out for the one who fits into that best. It is not wise enough to expect people to adjust to your lifestyle or change themselves to please you in the long run.

Has he preserved your trust?


It is important that you test him in situations where he can prove if he is worthy of your trust. Have you ever come across a situation where you have trusted him with some secret of yours and he spilled all the information out to his friends or colleagues at the office? If yes, then you should confront him to know the real details of what he did and if that was just a mistake. It may actually reveal a lot about the person he is. So, unless someone actually earns that position of trust in your life, don’t give them a chance in your life.


Do you always need to entertain him?

5 Things to consider before you commit to someone

Do you always find yourself having to communicate with him? Of course communications is the single most essential things for some but he also needs to enjoy your silence and vice versa. You will run out of conversations some day. So, you need to be sure that even if you do, your relationship won’t hit the rock bottom.


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Does this person inspire you?


The person you choose to be with can be a great figure in your life who will inspire you to be better or become the worst of what you are. Does he give you enough motivation to be what he is for we often become one with the kind of company that we keep. It is not just important how you feel in his presence initially but also if he will be able to give you that joy years after being the kind of person he as an individual is.


Do you like his belief system?

5 Things to consider before you commit to someone

A person has certain core belief systems that influence that decisions that he takes and his reactions to things that he encounters in everyday life. Are you in sync with that? Do you really get affected in the wrong way or does he influence you to change your belief systems and adjust to his? If you are only attracted to the outer appearance of this person, remember that this may not stay in place for long. In the worst scenario that the superficial things about him erode, can you still manage to like him? Even if you feel these may not be all too evident, if you come up with the right questions to ask, you will definitely be hinted at all of these answers.

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