5 Ways to identify hypocrites!

5 Ways to identify hypocrites!

5 Ways to identify hypocrites!


In life, you meet and greet some people who are a false virtue.  Their superiority is infectious and you easily are trapped into wrong judgments. These people fall in the infamous category of ‘hypocrites’.  Hypocrisy is a terrible groom that forces you into self- doubt and agony.

Tactfully hiding their wrong doings and relocating the blame on others is common to a hypocrite.  Hypocrites are mechanized to cheat, betray, con and deceive. That is how they function in their normal environment. So now, how do we identify such people around and not let us become a part of their projections?


Here are some ways by which you can recognize them.



This is the foremost warning sign that you should be aware of. People who fall into the category of hypocrites are pro at delivering charming and luring words. But they are a big time failure in matching their actions with their dialogue deliveries. They will bestow very high expectations in you but when it is time for them to stand up to yours expectations, not only will they horribly fail but will also know how exactly to justify their doings.



5 Ways to identify hypocrites!

They will put up a show like there is nobody as humble and down to earth like them. But if you take a deep insight into their dealings, you will know that they never really like to be on the same page with others. They feel that they are entitled to behave or act according to their choices but will never admire others exercising their freedom of choice. They would want to limit them within lines.



No matter what, even if the world goes upside down, they will never accept their faults.      If they lie and get caught, they still will point out at you for being so petty and will immediately list your past mistakes so that the comparison nullifies the situation. This way they always leave the room without being proven guilty and making you insecure.




5 Ways to identify hypocrites!

Hypocrites are very high on their ego and will never let it down for anything. There egocentric nature gives everybody around a really hard time and therefore, now you stop targeting them even if they deserve to be. You do away with their dual nature and never feel worthy of pointing out their lies. Even if you do, they make sure they punish you.



5 Ways to identify hypocrites!

Some hypocrites take the absolute other way. They make themselves circumstantial victims and root themselves with a sob story every time they are accused of something.  They are melodramatic and will always render your shoulders to cry on but will never be grateful for your support. They will misuse your composed and peaceful nature by acting frenzied.


Hypocrisy must be unwelcomed as it fills a person with negativity, insecurity and self-doubt. It is toxic and will leave your conscience with discontentment and wrong judgments. These were few ways by which you can determine the hypocrites in your life. Well! If you have, then it is time to let go of the strings.



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