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5 Ways to make him long for you!

5 Ways to make him long for you!

5 Ways to make him chase you!

5 Ways to make him chase you!

Are you tired chasing your man all the time? Do you feel the need to be needed more? It’s time you rethink and turn the game. This is completely doable if you decide to give your efforts some rest and know if he really is that into you. If you are looking for ways to make the man of your dreams do all the chasing, here’s what you should know:


Stop being there for him for sometime

5 Ways to make him chase you!

Keep yourself occupied with some work or hobbies. Yes, you need to detach yourself from him for sometime to know if your absence bothers him. If it does, he will try and seek your attention and probably ask you for an explanation of abandoning him all of a sudden. A silent treatment along with maintaining a distance will turn the tables for you. Don’t get too anxious and start begging again. See what happens. Let him miss you and make him want to seek your attention. Analyse if he really values you.


Start flirting


Instead of making it too obvious that he is your world and entering into an exclusive relationship, flirt with him. Read what turns him on. Learn his strengths and weaknesses. If needed be tactful in using them to your advantage. When you want things bad, you need to work for it. A little tease here and there will not do any harm but rather leave him begging for more.


Be confident

5 Ways to make him chase you!

Men really love women who can turn them on with their personality. In the end that’s what matters. You can have a pretty face but if you can’t carry yourself well or if you fail to conduct yourself with enough self confidence or grace, it’s already a lost game for you. So, let him know that you value yourself for what you are and make him feel that you are worth the pursuance. He wouldn’t let go of the chance to have you in his life.


Keep your mystery alive


You must have come across this advice a thousand times. You know why? Because it works! Play it hard. Don’t unfold all the cards too soon. Let him know that you have layers that he can discover only if he is worth it. We tend to get attracted to things that are unknown to us. If you are all too predictable, he wouldn’t be curious to know you even more. Raise your standards and make it difficult for him to have you. When you can do this, it is a win-win situation. Not only does he get you but also you have the man with the real substance.


Control the reins of your life

 5 Ways to make him chase you!

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Take charge of what you wish to attract in life. Be responsible for all that you want. Utilise your time to learn new things. Make yourself better at what you are not. Do them for yourself and not for a man solely. Do what makes you happy. Catch up with old pals. Reconnect with things you have lost. Start seeing yourself in a new light. When you self- love, you receive love. It’s that simple.


Remember, this is just suggestive of all you can do to gauge your man’s interest. If he still doesn’t get affected, you were never his interest. So, just let go and welcome all the goodness that lies ahead of you.



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