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5 Ways you are making your child lose confidence

5 Ways you are making your child lose confidence

5 Ways you are making your child lose confidence

5 Ways you are making your child lose confidence
A mother is making her kid losing confidence! Sounds like impossible… right? We commonly consider mothers are the epitome of towering strength and we believe that a mother is best known for building confidence in children! But reality can be shocking too.

There are some attitudes and mentality that seldom make mothers responsible for their darling kids in losing confidence.


Over protective mothers destroy her kids’ confidence

Over protection is a vice. You need to understand that a kid will grow up to be an independent person. In this growing course he may suffer from some setbacks, and everyday cannot be the V-day for him.

As a mother you need to inspire your baby, but you should not over protect him. If he has some difficult project to complete, help him to do it by himself; never do the job assuming that he is incompetent to manage it or the job will be taxing on him.


Don’t promise your kid anything against his performance

5 Ways you are making your child lose confidence

This a behavioral mistake where parents get more goals oriented than the kid’s proper grooming. By showing this attitude you will value the result, not the process and that may create a negative mentality within the kid that by any means he needs to achieve the result. This ruthless ambition may cause a serious psychological block in kids who just cannot digest failure or refusal.

Alternatively, if parents start motivating kids at random in order to be productive by offering him rewards, later on kids become highly dependent on appreciation and materialistic motivation.  This is neither good in result nor this is an ideal role played by the mother in building confidence in kids. On the other hand, it makes kids losing confidence.


Over sensitivity about mistakes

Most mothers strive hard to make their child perfectionist and offer constant monitoring of his study, project, homework, as well as in swimming, karate, or in drawing class. As a result of perfection hunting mission the kid becomes a dull one. These over caring mothers often tend to forget that mistake is the part of life and mistakes ultimately make a person perfect.

Oversensitivity of these protective mothers makes their kids non-spontaneous and less creative because they will get scared of experimenting. As a result, these kids start losing their confidence.


Do not compare your kid with his classmates

5 Ways you are making your child lose confidence

Every kid is unique and all mothers strongly believe that about their baby. In the course of motivating her genius child, mothers often make a comparison with other kids. This comparison can be found between a pair of siblings where may be a mother or father is a bit indulgent for one of the twos.

This partiality or comparison can bring dangerous, destructive attitude for the neglected kid and it can hamper his balance of mind ultimately. In most of the case the kid loses his confidence and becomes arrogant to hide his insecurity.

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Setting unrealistic goals for the kids

Often mothers set perils for their kids unknowingly by setting unrealistic goals for them.  When   the kid fails to achieve it, he loses his self-esteem and confidence. It is important to set a realistic goal and only a mother can help a kid to understand his strengths and soft areas of performance.

It is rightly said that mothers are the best friend of a kid and there is not a single mom in the world who ever thought of making her kid a loser. But sometimes due to ignorance and due to an aggressive over protective attitude mothers behave in a way that brings negative impact on their kids’ life.

These are five negative ways from where mothers should stay away in order to groom self-confidence in their kids to prevent kids losing confidence.



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