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6 Quick tips for women on their first date!

6 Quick tips for women on their first date!

6 Quick tips for women for their first ever date!

The butterflies of a first date is always best left unsaid. First dates are always special and you have to somewhat prep to make that first impression noteworthy. Not everyone knows how to carry a first date. It appears scary to someone while some just go overboard with excitement. Both approaches are likely to backfire and you may fail keeping things on the right track.  There are just a little things that you need to be judicious about and you can hit all the right  nodes. This article will help girls on how to nail their first date.

6 Quick tips for women for their first ever date!

  1. Choose the right outfit

You cannot go wrong with what you are wearing on your first date. Your sense of dressing is likely to leave a very strong impact on the person and improper dressing can put you under serious negative judgments. Men love to be fascinated by prettiness on a date. They like when the girl puts effort into looking beautiful. It is the same with women, I am sure you agree. So how do you pick the perfect outfit? Don’t appear as if you just came out of a shopping mall. Remember that less is more. Pair your cutest jeans with an off-shoulder or tank top or wear a casual dress with sneakers. Don’t think that showing too much skin is going to impress him.  Above everything, just make sure that you are comfortable in whatever you wear.


  1. Don’t keep him waiting

6 Quick tips for women for their first ever date!

Punctuality is a very impressive quality and it is least expected from women as they are labelled as late comers. Women take extra time to get ready as they have to put their make up on, manage their hair by ironing or curling them while they set out for a date. Make sure that you keep an extra 30 minutes for getting ready as keeping him wait won’t be fair. He would appreciate that you respect his time and are not taking him for granted in the first date itself.


  1. Say a polite hello

I am sure that if it is a date then you guys have been talking for some time now. No matter even if you guys are in touch all day, exchanging texts or tagging each other in memes, your date should be circumvented with a casual approach. It must appear as a special day and so should the gestures. When you meet him, greet him politely with a hello. Don’t make things robotic as he men feel uncomfortable around women who make them try too hard. Say a quick hello and as you are exchanging hugs, whisper something funny like ‘I changed thrice’. This will make the environment stress free for both and conversations will make its way.


  1. Keep your convo interesting

6 Quick tips for women for their first ever date!

It is very important that you guys are having a meaningful conversation. It is your first date and the quality of your conversation will decide whether you guys will be looking forward to each other or not. If the conversation becomes boring and weird, you both will end up saying that things are not gelling well. Interesting conversation means light weighted friendly talks. Just make funny observations and comment on it. For example, if you see a wedding happening nearby just ask ‘Have you ever gate crashed a stranger’s wedding for food with your friends?’.



  1. Split the check

Guys are likely to take the stress of the bill on a first date but don’t let that happen. If you think he might pick up the check, offer to split it. If you are confused what to order, just ask him to choose a dish and get yourself a dish around the same price. But remember not to enforce yourself on him and keep insisting on splitting and embarrassing him. Ask him twice  and if he really insists on paying, say thanks to him and buy him some desert next!


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  1. Wait for him to text you

Let him reach out to you. Don’t be in a hurry and do not make it obvious that you are desperately awaiting his text. If he is looking forward to taking things a notch higher with you, he will definitely return a text at the end of the day. Don’t be overeager and rush into dropping a text. It is always a wonderful feeling to wonder what exciting could happen next. If he texts, then bring up something you talked about earlier. For example, ‘When are we having a match of foosball where I get to beat you again’? This will be a good sign that you want to go out again.


So, these are six effective tips that you must keep in mind before going for a date. These are the little things that leave a lasting impression on the guy and hence, it is important that you do not go wrong with it. Keep things simple but stylish, after all it is not everyday that you go on a first date.




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