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6 Ways to build a deep emotional connection with your man

6 Ways to build a deep emotional connection with your man

6 Ways to build a deep emotional connection with your man

We always wonder how to emotionally connect with a man. Men tend to have a different way of looking at relationships than women. They lack the ability to express emotionally. They hold themselves back when it comes to showing their love the way women expect. You can always try and do superficial things for your man but that doesn’t necessarily mean that will build a deeper, lasting emotional connection with him.

How to create an emotional bond with a man?

This is not to imply that men only care about what lies on the surface. You can say that they are made to feel that way ever since they start socialising after birth. If you are up for some good casual sex, you may not find much help here. However, if you looking for a truly genuine connection with the man you love or want to be in a relationship with, you need to do the following things almost religiously. Before you head on to making your bond stronger, be aware of the fact that this takes time. You shouldn’t want everything to happen right way. This way you will only freak him out. Give it time. Give it space and it will flourish on its own.


Don’t force him to tell you everything right away


Men take their own sweet time to open up. Yes, communicating is the best way to make your man open up to you and tell you all that he wants, all that he fears, all that he has done in the past. But you need to give him the upper hand here. Let him do it when he wants to, the way he wants to. When he feels absolutely confident of his bond with you, he will open up. If you kill him with doubts and question his interest just because he is not opening up at you time, this won’t help in any way.


Be physically intimate

6 Ways to build a deep emotional connection with your man

Though I cannot vouch for its universal validity, sex can be a great way to have an emotional connection with a man. It is one of the love languages that works for many. You can show your desire for your man through sex. Being desired is something that people want. Moreover, sex is a carnal need. You can open up and connect better when nothing at all hold you back from uniting into one. However, make sure there are other aspects of connection that compliment the intimacy that you share.


Be ready to take the initiative when need be


You cannot always depend on him to open up to you unless you take the step forward and provide him with the environment to hold that conversation. If having an emotional connection is your primary need, you need to be proactive at showing that you are available and open to his conversation. That you are ready to share your darkest secrets with him so that he can confide in you as well.


Don’t overanalyse what he says


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When he shares something with you, you need to accept it just the way it appears on the surface. There is no need to dig into the statement and make mountains out of mole hills. Similarly your understanding should be devoid of judgements. If you are quick at making judgements and snapping him in the middle of conversations, you are surely going to repel him into a state where he won’t consider you his confidante.


Show your support when he needs you

 6 Ways to build a deep emotional connection with your man

This comes regardless of the fact that you connect almost instantly or not. You have to show your care and support for the man that you love. Being supportive shows you want to have an  emotional connection. When times are trying, you have to be there for him. This is perhaps the best way to show that you are invested in him. You will become irreplaceable when he can actually depend on you when he needs you the most.


Give him respect


Just like you want to be respected, you have to give him the respect that he deserves. Respecting your partner screams love. You respect people you regard highly. In fact when you respect someone, this talks more about you. A healthy relationship demands mutual respect to be the bedrock. So, if you are keen to connect with your man emotionally, you have to learn to give him the space he deserves, listen to what he has to say, be tolerant to his way of looking at life, learn to compromise when need be, and be his friend. People want to be treated with respect. They trust you more. They will want to open up more. Disrespect can kill the urge to share one’s deepest darkest secrets for he will always be in the fear of those being leaked out.  Only when he feels completely protected and develops the respect for you, he will connect with you on a deeper, emotional level. This is how to build an emotional connection with a man. If you have any comments let us know in the comment section below.

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