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6 Ways to let go of a relationship that’s not working for you

6 Ways to let go of a relationship that’s not working for you

6 Ways to let go of a relationship that's not working for you

Relationships more often than not come with happy experiences. However, the warmth that we experience initially fades unless it is built on a strong foundation. When disaster strikes, all you experience is the pain and complexities that arise with it. Have you experienced something close to this where you are in doubt whether your relationship is actually doing you enough good? Does it make you happy like it did before? If you are even remotely close to thinking that this is a situation you are in and you wish you could let go, then you are unhappy with your current relationship.


What you need to understand is that relationships that break once seldom get back to the original position again. The rift stays no matter how hard to try to mend it. If you find yourself doubting your relationship, then you should just le go of it instead of inviting more pain and agony your way. A relationship ends the moment you start thinking that its nearing an end. Sometimes, you won’t even understand when and how it ended. That’s sad. But true. If you are finding it difficult to let go of someone you have deeply loved, here are a few ways in which you could help yourself:


Ask yourself what’s causing the trouble


This is the first step towards drawing a conclusion on the status that you have in the relationship. Unless you have clear facts as to why you would like to put an end to this relationship it will be very difficult for you to pull yourself out. This means ending a relationship requires convincing yourself about why you don’t want this relationship to continue.


Analyse if there is anything that can be done


Are there ways in which you could help this relationship survive? Do you actually want this relationship to revive itself? Have you always been the one trying to men things and waiting for the other person to reciprocate? If that has been so, then your partner has been unfair and you are clearly at the receiving end. However, if you still wish to continue and give this relationship another chance of survival then you could go ahead.


Avoid trying too hard


There is no point stressing yourself out when your partner has already accepted the fact that he doesn’t wish to continue the relationship. If he is convinced, you just can’t help it. A relationship is a two way process. If one person calls it quits, no matter how much you force you will be the one losing it. You will never get the position you deserve nor the respect which is due to you.


Gain the self confidence to go through it

 6 Ways to let go of a relationship that's not working for you

Assure yourself that you are enough and you don’t need to beg someone to make you stay. In love, there is no place for begging. You can take care of yourself. There are people who probably love you more than the person you are dying for. Brace up. Just because he couldn’t value you, that doesn’t mean no one else will. Find someone who is crazy about you. One who values you and understands you. Be confident of the way you are. Your life shouldn’t come to a standstill just because someone else doesn’t approve of you. So, let go of all the confusion that is holding you back. And, move on!

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Of course, it won’t be easy!


This is the hard truth that you have to accept. Your life may change in ways that even I can’t comprehend. Accept it. It is part of growing up and getting stronger. Trust me, breakups have made me stronger. You will get more confident when you get yourself out of the shell and explore different opportunities. There is no dearth of people in the world. You can’t be stupid to believe that in millions there won’t be another to love you just the way you want!


Finally, let it go

6 Ways to let go of a relationship that's not working for you

When you are confident enough that this relationship is leading you nowhere, you should just give up. However, make sure you do that decently. There is no point using harsh words. Silence is golden. Remember this when ending your relationship. Avoid texting or calling to breakup. No matter how weak you feel, it is always better to meet up. Atleast both of you deserve a closure in a respectable way. Just don’t forget that this is the same person you loved to bits at one point of time. If things have turned sour and don’t wish to have any sort of conversation, then do what you feel is the best.


Don’t leave bits of you in this relationship. Resuscitate and look forward to what’s there in store in the future. Be fair to the person you will be with in the future.

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