6 Ways to tackle gender discrimination!

6 Ways to tackle gender discrimination!

6 Ways to tackle gender discrimination!

I thought that age was the only barrier between a woman and her dreams. But then someone made me realize that age was just another number, it was actually the society that was the barrier. I mentioned society and not gender because I know that being a woman is not the fault but giving the power to the society to become the barrier is a mistake. Well, the society is made up of both men and women, then why were the women of the society being a barrier to another woman. ”


“Ma! I won’t wear pink it’s a color for girls and everybody teases me ” says a 7-year-old boy. Not happy assigning colors to the gender, the society started assigning professional jobs too. Every form you filled and every job you applied for asked for your gender, not so that they could pay you more but because they wanted to decide if your gender was allowed to do the job or not. Every tick in the box in front of the female is just one of the other tricks to take your dream job and pass it on to someone else. It’s a way to say that you are incapable, irresponsible and untalented just because you are a woman. Bottom line is that you are not fit for the job if you are a woman. Ignoring the fact that the most responsible person on the earth is a mother, who is a woman.
 Don’t let the society decide for you. Here are the 6 ways to achieve your dreams in the society with gender discrimination.



It is your dream, your perspective, and your life so own it. Be confident in everything you do, don’t let the society’s opinion bother you instead let your confidence bother them. Pitching an idea or leading a team, do it with confidence because you know what you are doing and nobody can do it better than you. Let all comments of the society follow on the deaf’s ear, all you need to concentrate on is your dream and your goals. Today, the hands that are raising against you will be clapping for you on your success. You might be the first one on the dark path but make sure you lighten it with your confidence and make it a path to follow. Do it like you own it.



6 Ways to tackle gender discrimination!

Your confidence will leave the society shaking. So, now give them a shock by showing them your capabilities. Don’t do it to prove your capability but to prove that the society is wrong. Be the best at your job and let the results showcase your talent and the passion you have in that particular field. Do it because you love it, limelight will follow. Be strong enough to handle everything that comes your way because that will also be a part of your capability.



Were you denied your dream because you are a woman? Was there anybody who stood along with you in your fight against the society? Nobody will stand up for you or with you for your dreams, so stand up for yourself. Don’t give up on yourself, be patient and keep trying till they get tired of saying ‘’ NO ”. When the society can’t stop, how can you give up? Your passion and love for it are much more than all the power they have to shut down on you. What kind of passion if it doesn’t have the strength to cross the limits? Gather all your strength and be stubborn to achieve your dreams and choices, and only stop when you have achieved them.



Like the crying baby is convinced by getting a toy. Don’t let the small treats from the society divert you from your goal. Consider these treats as a step to your success and work hard to make it clear to the society that you won’t stop unless you achieve your goals. Society will try to bribe you to follow rules they created but don’t fall for it. Don’t stop till you get what you wish for.


6 Ways to tackle gender discrimination!

Before you face the people who decide your future in the particular job, do a complete search of the people involved, the companies reputation and policies, and the job profile. Collect all the information you might require and let any loophole. Plan your conversation and have your documents ready. Prepare yourself for the worst situation and hope for the best. Prove your passion and the dedication you will show on the job. And nobody would be able to stop you from getting your job.



Gender discrimination is done with you because you are a woman. So, let’s use the most powerful weapon of women- emotions, to get what we want. Use your emotions if required as a path to achieve your dreams. Explain the society the reasons you have been deprived your dreams and get their sympathy, empathy, and support. This is not cheating but using one power which got you rejected in the first place to get you back. Use the gender discrimination against itself and see the doors it unlocks for you. Gender discrimination is the root cause of all the problems women face today. Though the situation today is much better than the earlier centuries, we still need to put efforts to irradiate it from India. Let’s use the rights we have to get the rights we deserve. Let us become the change we want to see in the society. You won’t only unlock the door for yourself but for many other women.



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