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7 Reasons Why You Are So Indecisive And Ways To Make Up Your Mind

7 Reasons Why You Are So Indecisive And Ways To Make Up Your Mind

7 Reasons Why You Are So Indecisive And Ways To Make Up Your Mind

Are you a person who is always confused? Have you always heard your folks complaining about you not being able to make a decision? Making decisions all by yourself is a hard thing for you and might have been so for several years. But you shouldn’t let it go on any further.  You can’t let others make decisions for you. Someday you’ll have to make decisions for your decisions for yourself.

7 Reasons Why You Are So Indecisive And Ways To Make Up Your Mind

You might think that it is your personality trait but it is not always like that. Sometimes you might be missing out on the bigger picture here. You can’t always let others make the decision for you. You have to take the load of your own responsibility and life. Asking your family and friends for help is okay but letting them make choices and decisions for you is not acceptable. It might have been acceptable for a 16-year-old you, but not for an older you. You have to understand that these decisions affect your life greatly and it should be you who must be taking these decisions because there’s no one else who know yourself better than you.

If you find yourself asking ‘Why can’t I seem to make my own decisions?’, then this is definitely an issue for you. It is necessary for you to understand the possible reasons for having this issue with decision making.

Overthinking Is Something You Always Do

If you have a habit of over-thinking and analyzing everything deeply then you’ll stress over every small decision you have to make. Overthinking makes you question everything even the right choices. Overthinking will conjure up every bad possible outcome. You have to start taking things a bit lightly. Simplify your decisions by simplifying things in an easy way. So stop making mountains out of molehills and lead a simplified life.

Anxiety Issues

7 Reasons Why You Are So Indecisive And Ways To Make Up Your Mind

Indecisiveness is a symptom of anxiety disorder. Whenever you try to decide something your anxiety pops up. Your mind runs on an overdrive about the possible outcomes. You start to analyze each and everything and start to get anxious about it. If this happens to you then it is the reason for you being indecisive. Choices put you in dilemma and you just fear to take the risk. You fear that the consequences will be blamed on you. But you need to realize that it happens to everyone.

Someone Always Made The Decision For You

I have a firsthand experience with this thing. I have always been dependent on my sister and parents for my life choices. I never took any decision without pestering them about it. But I had to learn it hard way that if I don’t take my own decisions I’m going to regret it later on.

The Same way your parents or siblings might have always taken decisions for your life and that’s why now when you are faced with a decision you are finding it hard to make the right choice. But this needs to change for your own good.

You Worry Too Much About Disappointing People

7 Reasons Why You Are So Indecisive And Ways To Make Up Your Mind

You might be a people pleaser and you value people in your life a lot more than they know. You find it hard to take a decision because you fear your decisions will disappoint them. Even when you are forced to take a decision you think about what will hurt them and what will not instead of thinking about it for yourself. This is a problem. You have to put yourself first. You can’t make life decisions based on other people. You can’t let them affect your life. Most probably the person doesn’t even care for you the same way and you should also not think so much about them.


Sometimes You Are Too Blinded By What You Want

It so happens that you are so set on getting something that you ignore the realistic point of view. This makes your decisions wrong. You are already so indecisive about things so when you are put on a pedestal you don’t think realistically instead think about what you want and this makes your decisions harder.

You Fear Your Decisions Will Lead To Bad Path

In the past, you might have made some decisions which had led to bad paths and this frightens you. You fear you’ll repeat the same mistakes. You fear going the same path as before. Agreed that some decisions might not have worked exactly you hoped them to, but that doesn’t mean you stop making decisions. You can’t control the course of your life. Stop letting your past dictate your future. Don’t let others take decision for you. Your choice is your own.

You Worry About People Judging You

You know what makes decisions harder? It is the fact that you worry too much about the world rather than yourself. You place too much importance on the people instead of yourself. The outcomes worry you because you fear that people will judge you for the decisions you made. I know, they will but you know what? They are going to judge anything and everything anyway. Stop giving a damn to what people think. Stress on what you want. Don’t let people’s judgment make the choice for you.

Tips To Help You In Making Decisions Easily

Now that we have established that you are indecisive you have to learn a few ways that can help you in making the choices. And always remember you don’t have to really justify your life choice to everyone.

Forget The Fear

7 Reasons Why You Are So Indecisive And Ways To Make Up Your Mind

The first thing you got to do is work on your fear. Try to remove or forget the fear in your mind. You already know the fear, try to overcome it. Ultimately you’ll overcome the indecision too. Learn to cope with your fear.

Go Through The Pros And Cons Both

Whenever you are faced with a decision which is hard for you to make -always think it by weighing the pros and cons. If needed write it down on a paper and weigh both of them. The one which has more pros will be the right choice.

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Tune Your Emotions

Most of the people who have trouble decision making tend to overanalyze things. You have to learn to tune your emotions. Understand that no matter how much you analyze things the decision is not going to get easier and there are going to be the same outcomes for a particular decision.


Start With Small Decisions

7 Reasons Why You Are So Indecisive And Ways To Make Up Your Mind

If you still doubt your ability to take big decisions then start with small decisions. Once you have established the trust in yourself you can trust yourself with bigger decisions. It is the practice you put your mind through that will help you in taking the right decisions.

Place Trust In Yourself

This is absolutely necessary. Unless you start trusting yourself you won’t be able to make decisions. Also, trust your gut feelings, many times they help you in making the right choices.

Not Every Decision Is Going To Yield What You Hoped For

Once you learn to make decisions you’ll find it easier to make them but that doesn’t mean you are going to make the right choice always. You don’t have to beat yourself every time you make a wrong decision. It is fine to be wrong sometimes.

Taking Some Help From Others Is Always Helpful

7 Reasons Why You Are So Indecisive And Ways To Make Up Your Mind

Once in a while, you might need some advice and assistance from others. But taking advice doesn’t mean you have to do what they advised you. It is okay to take a fresh perspective. But know that even the advice from people is not always right.

Choose The Decision Which is Best For ‘You’

When you are about to make a choice – think about yourself. Stop thinking about others. People are not going to be happy with you always. One way or another they are going to be disappointed. Determine what is best for you and make a choice. Being selfish is not bad all the times.

As and how you grow, life will throw bigger decisions at you. It is really the need of the hour to stop being indecisive and finally make your mind.

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