7 Reasons Why Women Love Makeup

Why women love makeup? This is something guys keep guessing about! Different variety of women. Some absolutely hate the thought of just a lip gloss, leave alone tonnes of paints on the face! And some absolutely go gaga over the subject. Nonetheless, if not speaking for all of you out there, I would like to point out some basic essential reasons as to why men and not just women believe in the power of makeup.

Makeup isn’t too recent. It has been there ever since the civilisations existed. Egyptian women wore makeup, Indian women, for instance, reddened their lips by consuming beetle leaves for staining their lips and used soot to line their eyes, the present day kohl. Women find makeup empowering in many ways:

Why women love makeup?

  • Many women find makeup offering a boost in confidence that helps the good feeling hormones kick in. At their place of study, work place and parties, a little makeup not just heightens the glam quotient but also leads to a variable degree of confidence in women. This might just be the application of a little mascara or even a lipstick, foundation and bronzer.
  • A lot of youngsters wish to look older. This is possible with makeup that has the ability to transform that babyish face into a matured one!
  • Other the other side, women who have crossed the threshold of 30s wish to reduce their age. A variety of cosmetics can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines to make them look ravishingly young.
  • Women who find it difficult to maintain a healthy skin or aren’t blessed with one can easily hide their imperfections. A good concealer can cover blemishes, freckles and dark circles around the eyes. The illusionary effect can even down the problematic areas that make a lot of us feel insecure.
  • It’s a great way to attract someone with an instantly glammed up look. At times, what pleases the eyes, pleases the heart! Although that is not what all men look for in a woman, the degree or amount of makeup one prefers may differ from person to person. Everyone loves a little attention. A sudden change in your appearance can turn eyeballs which feels wonderful.
  • It gives ourselves time, the ‘ME’ time! An all natural look can be quite boring at times. It is fun and a great way to experiment. If things mess up, you can start all over and enjoy different looks.
  • To express what we feel like inside. A sexy look might make you appear outspoken or may be blunt. On the other hand, a nude look might personify a subtle image.

Reasons for wearing makeup may be varied. Nonetheless, that’s just the outer appearance and not what you are composed of on the inside. Keep the “YOU” real and that makeup will be an icing on the cake!

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