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7 Signs you should end your relationship

7 Signs you should end your relationship

7 Signs you should end the relationship that you are in!

Every relationship starts off on a great note. You could never ever imagine that things could ever hit a dead end. You expect things to work smooth and possible end up getting married someday if that is what you think of a relationship like. However, the spark in the relationship may vanish along the way and you end up wondering if what you felt initially was even real. What is now the right way to walk out of a relationship which no longer fulfils you? Are you still so emotionally attached that you cannot see beyond the relationship? What are the critical signs that you should take note of so that you can save yourself from the repeated humiliation that you suffer in your current relationship?

7 Signs you should end the relationship that you are in!

It is always easier said than done in love. While it may be easy for others to point out the obvious signs of hurt and disrespect, you might find it difficult to tow the suggested line because love can blind even the best of us. Ask yourself what you need or expect from a relationship? Did you get into one to suffer pain? If not, here are a few signs that will help you understand why you should move out of the relationship as soon as you can:


You don’t click


One of the most important reasons why people enter a relationship is because they feel a spark. If you don’t feel a connection with the person, then you are only forcing the relationship just for the sake of it. Do you feel naturally happy when you are around this person? Or do all your negative thoughts flood into the brain when you are with this person? If the latter stands true, you should not waste your time continuing with the relationship.


You feel pain


Does he remind you of hard times only? Can you not stop thinking about all the crisis and pain that he has deliberately put you through? The reasons may not be clear but if you go through the trauma every time you think of him, then you should let him know that he affects your overall happy state of  mind.


You don’t feel valued


Your niceness is always taken advantage of as your weakness. Your partner always uses the space that you give him for his own benefits. He lies to you and you feel manipulated all the time. You end up at the receiving end of all his taunts and sarcasm. You have been the giver all the time expecting him to notice that and try and be as loving as you have always expected him to be like. However, he has not made the effort to walk that extra mile for you.


The future is vague


There is no clarity to the future prospective you see with each other. While you think ahead of the present, he just wants to takes things casually one day at a time which irritates you because you want to know where you are heading to with this person. For the time being, things seem fine but the future with him confuses you or you aren’t really sure anymore.


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There is no physical attraction

7 Signs you should end the relationship that you are in!

Physical attraction is necessary if you want to sustain the relationship long term. Have you refrained from having sex? Or does he? Do you try newer things but he still chooses to not engage himself in sexual intimacy? But when you go out you have noticed him ogling at other women which has made you weary about his attraction towards you. Lack of physical intimacy actually points out at the emotional lacuna that has been created in the relationship. While superficially it may seem like a loss of physical connection, it might be a red flag for you because your partner no longer feels that bond to make love to you.


Lack of mutual trust


Do you always have a hard time believing what he tells you?  Has he done things that make you question his loyalty towards you? Or maybe not and you only feel that he doesn’t make the effort to earn your trust or hasn’t been able to earn it. Whatever be the case, if you haven’t been able to solve your trust issues yet, there are chances that it may not get better with time, rather worsen.


You never solve your issues


You find it difficult to speak with him or confront him in the fear that he may never agree to you or there will never be a solution to be reached. This communication gaps hints at your weak foundation in the relationship. You have a fight, you act cold and then you are hot again overlooking what caused the issue in the first place. Your growth together will face hindrances if there are lingering issues all the time.

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