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8 Signs you desperately need a holiday!

8 Signs you desperately need a holiday!

8 Signs you desperately need a holiday!

We all need a little break once in a while. Work and tasks keep piling week after week and your brain alarms you about a little rest or deviation from normal. But how exactly do you find out that you need a vacation? Well, if you think that the below mentioned points apply to you , then you surely need a getaway. Find out if your mind has been signaling these things at you.

8 Signs you desperately need a holiday!

  1. You are lacking concentration

Every time you settle to get a work done, your mind starts travelling different places. You have started to get distracted way too easily and from normal, now you take double the time to finish a task, just because you cannot concentrate in the work. You are tired of the same thing and same kind of days and your mind has started jumping into different tangents and has began off-putting you. [Read: Improve concentration, improve life !]

  1. You envy people who are on a vacation

Your friends upload a picture on Instagram and that picture has a perfect scenic mountain or beach view and all that you are left with is jealousy. You are jealous of them wandering and the fact that you are stuck in your office chair. Every time you hear of someone’s vacation, you get annoyed and feel bad about yourself. [Read: Vacation hot-spots in India]

  1. You think of quitting your job every now and then

8 Signs you desperately need a holiday!

You signed up for this job because you thought it was good for you. But nowadays, you have begun thinking about quitting it. Your mind revolves around looking for smallest reasons to leave the company. You have started discussing about your resignation between your friends and family and also, have started looking for new jobs. In most cases, it is boredom and the fondness to do something new and this state of mind is revived when you go on a holiday. [Read: Quitting your job? 6 Things to do as soon as possible!]

  1. You have started cribbing about things

8 Signs you desperately need a holiday!

You have started acting grumpy. All your phone calls to your friends are dedicated to long hours of your everyday complaints. The slightest of downs have started bothering you and your find yourself cribbing about almost everything in life. You have began pin pointing at flaws in people and how it bothers you, you have began to feel unaccomplished and uneasy at the least important things.


  1. Your Instagram is flooded with travel destinations

8 Signs you desperately need a holiday!

Your feed is outpouring with travel posts and you just cannot stop crushing over the beautiful countryside and riverside resorts. You are just cringing to be at all the locations and there is no stoppage to the endless scrolling. If you can relate, you must know that it is time to put your savings to use and get your backpack on.

  1. You recall your last holiday every ten seconds

Your mind cannot refrain from recalling the memories of your last vacation. You keep checking your old pictures and imagine of having the same peace of mind once again. You are reminded of all the fun and fresh breeze every ten seconds. You just cannot do away without thinking about your last holiday.

  1. You don’t feel energized

The energy and pump to cease the day has fallen down and you are no more motivated to do things. You see no point in the regular stuff and you just feel lethargic. You feel like hugging your couch and spending the whole day on it because there is just no vigor and liveliness. [Read: 6 Reasons to squat daily!]


  1. You have become addicted to your smart phone

Your smart phone is your only escape and you have a crazy addiction to it. You go to sleep or even you go to pee with your smart phone in your hands. Such is your obsession with it. You have become totally dependent on it and it has become hard for you to survive without your phone. You are using your smart phone even when you are on a casual hang out with friends or even when you are on a date. [Read: 5 Ways to keep your child away from smart phone addiction]


If you can associate with the above mentioned signs, then you badly need a vacation. Postponing your vacations will only make  you less productive and active during the days.  You must unplug from work every once in a while and plan a holiday. It also helps a person strengthen his relationship with people and most importantly, himself.

If lately, all ideas that you propose, your boss is seemingly disinterested in them, then its time you book your tickets because taking a vacation also helps the creative side in you. You will be able to bring new ideas and thoughts to the table and you will be more industrious at your workplace.

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Taking vacations, however, can help you come back to work revitalized and re-energized and thus better able to deal with with challenges and day-to-day stressors.


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