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Discovering Europe in Austria

Discovering Europe in Austria

What is a vacation? No, don’t Google it. Google will only tell you what vacation means to a dictionary. I want you to think about what it means to you. Vacation can never mean the same thing to two people. it doesn’t mean the same to you and me. Now imagine how difficult that makes it plan a vacation for more than two people. But what if I were to tell you, that in the heart of Europe, is a city whose every corner caters to your idea of the perfect holiday. And you have already enjoyed the beauty of this city through the frames of Eh Tha Tiger and Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. Welcome to Innsbruck, Austria! Your next European travel destination.

In the summer of 2019, before my Post-Grad began, my friends and I planned a road trip through Europe. A friend who is studying in Austria invited us to visit him to this beautiful city that he was staying at. “Once you’ve visited Innsbruck, you will forget about the rest of your trip,” was his sales pitch. He has never been more right. as you enter this city surrounded by mountain, a supernatural sense of calm settles in. You feel so small when those Gigantic mountains stare you in the face that all your worries seem insignificant. That is how your Innsbruck journey begins; by forgetting everything you know. Cleaning the slate for the new experiences that await.

Our trip started with visits to the much-talked-of historical structures of Innsbruck. The Goldenes Dachl or the Golden Roof Innsbruck, built by Kaiser Maximilian I, to mark his wedding to his second wife. The Imperial Hofburg Palace and its surrounding structures, which capture the majestic history of Innsbruck. The grandiose and display of power that Maximillian I and his successors wanted to convey is impressed upon your heart and mind. The beauty of the Imperial Gardens and the giant statues of popular Kings and Queens at the Court Church, were enough for us to lose track of time. The 300-years-old St. James Cathedral and the breath-taking view of Innsbruck from Stadtturm or the City Tower, will touch the heart of any tourist with artistic and historical interests.

But if it was an adventure you were looking for, then there is even more for you to do. A visit to Innsbruck will offer you sporting options like hiking, riding, biking, swimming, climbing, and the crowd-favourite, skiing. My lack of courage and skills in skiing made me stay back at the Tiger House at Alpengasthof Praxmar. But my more adventurous friends got to experience why Innsbruck has hosted the Winter Olympics twice.

But visiting Innsbruck in the summer is sure to take you to the banks of River Inn. Here’s where it gets exciting for the party animals. Because on selected days Bonanza invites you at sunset to enjoy electronic music and dancing. Stroll away from the city towards Innsbruck’s Baggersee swimming lake , and find new adventures and experiences.

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The village of Lans, near Innsbruck, is another adventure that you don’t want to miss. Nor the trail that leads to Ambras Castle.

I know what you are thinking. A one-week trip to one city in Europe is all I need to go bankrupt. That’s where I tell you that Innsbruck takes care of your budgetary demands too. For one, there is the Innsbruck card, which for a minimal amount allows you free access to so many tourist places and adventures. And then there is the on-budget plan to explore the city which includes all the free-of-cost delights of Innsbruck.

Always dreamed of a Europe holiday? Innsbruck is the one-stop destination for all that makes this continent so fascinating!

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