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What should you hide about yourself from your partner according to your Zodiac

What should you hide about yourself from your partner according to your Zodiac

What should you hide about yourself from your partner according to your Zodiac

“Some things are better left unsaid”.

What should you hide about yourself from your partner according to your Zodiac

Sometimes keeping the best in view some truths should not be revealed for the good. It’s not as though someone would lose their lives provided the truth doesn’t see the light of day but instead stays in the dark. It will in fact save a lot of trouble, heart break, pain, arguments, misunderstandings and so on and in order to avoid all of those things it’s alright to keep certain facts hidden. Every one of us has secrets and not revealing them doesn’t render us dishonest or disloyal instead it renders us responsible and mature people who act towards the well being of a relationship.

Here are a few truths exclusive to each of the zodiacs that should rather be hidden from their respective partners.

Read in detail to understand what specifically is it exactly that you need to hide from your partner.



Hide from your partner the belief of your feeling superior to them in all aspects. Constantly thinking that you are restraining yourself from greater achievements by pinning yourself down with your partner will not only hurt your relationship causing your partner to feel inadequate but also leave you dissatisfied eternally, Aries.



While being practical is a great quality, don’t rain on the idealistic approach of others close to you. You need to realise Taurus that all of us think and function differently and so it would be more kind of you to accept them for their idealistic tendencies and sometimes even dream along with them. You never know for perhaps someday their ideas might be put to practice by someone as practical as you.


Gemini is one sign that craves excitement in life and can’t tolerate being part of a calm. But Gemini you must try and be considerate towards your partner and quit playing those mind games after all because you know it isn’t nice to always deliberately create chaos or start fights just for the thrill of it. Learn to enjoy the peacefulness for what it is, you shouldn’t be disappointed.



Cancer is care giving and generous in general but there are times when they might realise that they have given too much for the week and so will resort to being not helpful wilfully thereon for quite some time. Cancer, it isn’t nice to keep scores in the manner that you do. Instead tell your partner what you would like them to do for you instead of being vindictive and revealing to them that side of you.


Leo you do get romantically inclined to those who can hold their own and are as capable of drawing attention as well as you. But deep within you love to be surrounded by people who praise you and adore you instead. So in order to continue being the centre of attention you will compliment other people (who praise and furnish you with adoration) right in front of your partner. Don’t do that Leo. Don’t make your partner have to struggle for your love.


Virgos are self absorbed signs who like to spend time alone, to the extent where they may resent company and attachment, only because they find it difficult to tune in with another individual. They enjoy their solitude, but Virgo try and think of the positives that a partnership can bring to your life instead of pondering upon the breach of space and you’ll see how wonderful it is to be in a partnership after all.


Don’t let your partner see how upset you get when things happen their way instead of yours. It is your character trait to want to be the boss in the relationship and manipulate the way the relationship takes its course but Libra unless you have a submissive partner you shouldn’t let your bossy nature surface because we both know that you’re extremely dependent emotionally and can’t afford to lose your partner to your bossy nature which is surface deep. Let’s just learn to live in unison – exactly the way you’ve wanted it. Let the boss inside of you stay hidden where it is.



Scorpio your sexual capacities are known worldwide but we think that it isn’t ideal to remind your partner about how sexually eager and desired you are amongst the rest. Let the yearning to want to prove your sexual abilities to the others while also wanting to remain faithful to your partner stay between us and remain hidden. Your partner doesn’t need to know.

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Your desire to be honest about everything is considered a phenomenal quality but too much of anything isn’t very healthy as we all know. So Sagittarius you might want to cut down on being too honest about everything. For instance your thought about wanting to sleep with your girlfriend’s hot friend could be hidden from your partner.

No. It’s not that we don’t agree that when you confess it you’re just sharing your thought and wouldn’t really sleep with the friend but even then such a thought can cause immense hurt to your partner. That’s all we’re saying.


Capricorn is the most serious one among the rest of the zodiac about their personal life, career and even about what they post on social media. They are hard working and are constantly striving to reach the top.

However even though Capricorn is willing to pull up those who they think are dwindling, on their way up, they can be really demeaning of your dreams provided they think that it isn’t planned out with absolute pragmatism.

Don’t hurt your partner Capricorn by trying to make them see things your way and telling them that their way is bound to lead them to failure. Advice them but don’t discourage them.


Aquarius can do without physically connecting with their partner often. What matters to Aquarius more is a mental connection. While even though Aquarius can be really fun and adventurous in bed, for them it is similar to an adventure sports you know? They’ll like to go for it once in a while just for the thrill of it but it isn’t as important to them. However, knowing this for your partner may come as a shock to them and depress them to ends. So Aquarius it would be better for you to keep this secret to yourself.


Pisces you are as loving as anybody can ever get. You’re the sweetest and one of the most romantic partners that your lover will ever have. However the fact that you need to go with the flow to first realise whether you feel satisfied enough in the relationship in order to take it any further may not need to be evident to your partner.

Your nature may have already encapsulated your partner and they might out of the fear of losing you become conscious and emotionally unavailable unlike the way you’d want them to be and perhaps the way they are in real, if you tell them soon that you are not ready to take it further. Hide your innate critic from your love for the time being and let the both of you learn to take things as it comes your way.

Did this help? Please feel free to fill the comments section below with your suggestions, queries, problems or questions in the context of this post.

Also don’t refrain from sharing your personal experiences in having hidden things from your partner. We would love to read your stories.


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