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How to communicate with your partner ?

How to communicate with your partner ?

communicate with your partner couple

communicate with your partner couple

Understanding a person can be quite difficult. It is stupid to expect someone to read your mind and vice versa. In order to respect an individual and his/her private space, you need to be patient and master your communication skills. miscommunication can cause clashes and build up anger. That is how you maintain peace and harmony in your relationship. Here are a few suggestions as to how you can effectively communicate your thoughts to someone without destroying the love that you share:

Strike while the iron is hot:

It is important to judge the right time to convey your queries. Do not jump into a conversation that might be quite unnecessary and uncomfortable at a particular time especially when your partner is with his friends and family, playing his favourite sport, under work pressure or suffering from a crisis.

Reduce dependence on technology:

Avoid communicating over the phone or text messages. they tend to be misinterpreted and may produce negative results that could hamper your relationship.

Avoid being rude:

At times, it is difficult to control your anger over an issue, However, try your best to be polite and respectful while sharing your opinion. choose the correct words in order to avoid being interpreted as an attacker.

Be honest and tolerant:

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Understand that both of you have flaws and you have to mitigate issues amicably to keep your relationship healthy. Communicate your feelings honestly and tolerate your partner’s opinions. All of us are different and you cannot expect your partner to agree to everything that you say.

Mind your body language:

Your body language can speak volumes about your personality. Try not appearing least bothered or irresponsive. Avoid fidgeting with your phone or any other gadget. Look into the eye and communicate.

Anushree Ghosh

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