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How to make your intimate zone smell good?

How to make your intimate zone smell good?

How to make your intimate areas smell good?

How to make your intimate areas smell good?

Your vagina emits an odour of its own. It’s very natural and nothing to be embarrassed about. Every woman bears a distinct smell. Incorporating healthy hygiene is a must for women of all ages.

Get yourself checked:

Avoid shying away from visiting a gynecologist. None other than your doctor is your best help when it comes to maintaining adequate hygiene. They can specifically tell you as to what kind of products your vagina would be comfortable with, depending on your specific pH level. In case, you are having trouble dealing with an infection which you have been trying to hide or take note of seriously, open your heart out. In case you find your vagina acting fishy, consult your doctor. He/She is your best friend in this matter.

Trim your pubic hair:

Your pubic hair can be a cause of a foul smell emitting vagina. This is because, hair traps sweat and causes bacteria to grow. So, it is advisable that you either get a Brazilian wax done, shave or trim it down.

Instead of going fancy, stick to basics:

You might wish to impress your partner with the new lacy underwear you bought recently. However, wearing anything other than cotton panties on a daily basis is harmful. Cotton helps in better movement of air and lets your skin breathe.

Wash and Clean:

Washing the vaginal area frequently is helpful in avoiding bad odour. Also, wash yourself down there before and after sex. Avoid harsh chemical products like soaps and scented feminine wash. This may lead to irritation, burning or itching of skin.

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The natural discharges from your vagina and urine should be wiped clean with baby wipes and not rough tissue papers. Clean it dry in order to avoid bacterial growth.

Mind you food habits:

Keep yourself sufficiently hydrated. Red meat, dairy products, cauliflower, broccoli, spicy food and alcohol causes bad odour. Consume fresh fruits and vegetables like pineapple, cucumber, or orange juice to smell amazing!


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