How to write a great online dating profile?


Dating is no more a newfangled concept in India. While there are many families that prefer arranged marriages, dating is still a common practice in India. There is no dearth of Indian online dating sites that enable you to meet a good guy. From Indian cupid to eharmony, you can choose one or multiple sites to establish a perfect dating profile and get ready to meet hottest singles in town. It does not matter whether you are looking for a long term relationship or just want a fling, you need to draft a perfect dating profile to get most eligible men to date.

Here are some incredible tips to follow if you want to generate a flawless online dating profile:

Do not use photo editors:

Using filters and unlimited photo editing is not recommended because ultimately you are going to meet the person and you must put up you most natural photos on dating sites so that the person likes you as you appear in real life. This will further keep away those people who prefer physical appearance over your inner beauty and will save you from wasting your time on dating such fools. So, time to embrace your imperfections because you need to do it first and then expect others to do the same.

Do not lie:

How to write a great online dating profile?

Setting the foundation of your relationship on lies is not cool and will lead to nowhere. This will ultimately lead to painful ending as no one will be able to trust you again once your lie is exposed to them. Do not be scared to be judged and be honest about your religious beliefs, your orientation and financial status to begin with. Being honest further gives a message that you own what you are and you take pride in whatever beliefs you have.

Do not sound desperate:

Yes, no one would approach you if you seem desperate or at the end of your tether. This starts from using nicknames such as Lookingforlove and Loveislife. Make sure you come across as someone in high demand and a girl who thinks beyond romance when it comes to dating. Show your fun side and make a guy feel that he can find a great friend in you and being romantic is just one aspect of your personality.

Share your good side and bad side:

How to write a great online dating profile?

Do not be afraid to confess your weird habits. If you cannot stand kids or you are a party freak or you cry every time you watch an emotional movie, just say it on your profile. Everyone has weaknesses. But make sure you highlight good aspects of your personality as well alongside. Maybe the habits you find weird, some guy finds them amusing. So, do not be afraid to hide anything that you consider a bad habit. It will lead to a better dating experience as the guy already has accepted you with all your flaws when he decides to approach you so, you do not have to worry about making an impression on him.



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