Know Why Less Is More: 6 Important Things To Simplify Your Life!

Know Why Less Is More: 6 Important Things To Simplify Your Life!

Life can be overwhelming!

Our life is full of chaos and we are always running. In the digitized world, we are always busy. We have too much on our plates and we are trying to balance it all at once, which is totally not happening. Our face is all time into those smartphone, t v, laptop or notepad. No doubt we can connect to any corner of the world within seconds it really has caused a huge amount of pressure on our mind and eye.

Know Why Less Is More: 6 Important Things To Simplify Your Life!

Our happiness is connected more with materialistic things. That’s the whole reason why our life is so complicated. You should fill your plate with the things that are essential and not even touch the unessential ones. Basically decluttering people who are no more needed in your life and decluttering things that no more serve the purpose.

All you need is to simplify your life and realize that less is more. So it’s time you prioritize the things that really matter and set aside those which doesn’t. It is not really going to be easy to set aside things which you’ve held onto for a long time. But it is necessary to realize that those things are holding you back and draining you.

So here are few steps that might help you to simplify your life:

Get Rid Of The Relationships That Drag You Down

Know Why Less Is More: 6 Important Things To Simplify Your Life!

Look around you and evaluate the people present in your life. Are they supporting you to progress or are they dragging you down due to their jealousy? Are they genuine friends? If you feel like you’ve been doing a whole lot for your friends and getting nothing in return, then it’s about time you end it. Stop being there for people who just give you negative vibes.

The transition of simplifying your life is not going to be easy but it is totally going to be worth it. It’s hard to let go of the people that mean so much to you, but it is necessary to question whether you mean the same to them or not. If the person expects too much of you and is sucking all your energy up then it’s not worth it. Because they are just bringing you down instead of pushing up and life is all about moving forward. It’ll take time to lead a life without people you relied on but then it is for your own good and you’ll eventually learn it. Everyone does.

Dump The Unnecessary Stuff

Yeah, the old jewelry that you find hard to throw away even though you know you’ll never wear it; it’s time to throw it away. We’ve so many stuff lying around the corners of the house that we do not use anymore but we find it extremely hard to just wipe all that stuff off the house. But any way you are not using it.

Too many material possessions complicate life. That old VCD drive, those Cds- you are never going to use them because you already have FM radio, podcast and online apps a swipe away on your phone. Why not give them away then? Give it a thought. We’ve so many clothes, kitchenware, appliances that might be of use to some people who can’t afford these. So why not put them to better use and make your and other’s life a bit simple? Trust me when I say this, you’ll be relieved when you throw away the unwanted stuff out of the house and you’ll never regret it.

Go On A Digital Detox

Know Why Less Is More: 6 Important Things To Simplify Your Life!

Everyone needs this. This step is utmost necessary for people and for every age group mind you! More than half of the teenage and mid-age population are addicted to their phones. The first thing that people do these days when they wake up is checking their phone, going through the emails, Whatsapp, facebook and then go do their morning rituals and end their day by lying on the bed gazing up that phone while the lights are switched off. Do you know how much damage you are doing to your eyes and brain? So it is healthy to say that you need to take a digital detox every day if not more then at least for an hour.

Know when to turn off the Facebook notification, when not to check those emails, when not to answer those texts. Technology has too much negative effect that I don’t need to rehash because everyone knows them. Disconnect with technology for some time and take a stroll in a park or workout or listen to music may be, whatever floats your boat.

Practice Mindfulness

Try being quiet like literally quite for some time in a day. Preferably meditate for half an hour or so. I know many people do not prefer meditation but it is not that bad. The peace and the calm that you feel after meditating will brighten your whole day and take away the stress. Haven’t done meditation before? No problem you just have to sit and close your eyes, and then practice inhaling and exhaling. Nothing more than this. Just give 5 minutes of calm and quiet stillness to yourself.

Another thing you need to do is get rid of all those negative thoughts, your insecurities, envy, resentment, self-doubts etc. Remove all that negative stuff out of your mind. Take control of your mind and fill it with positive thoughts. You’ll get nothing out of self-depleting thoughts but you’ll get the energy to progress from the positive thoughts. So declutter your thoughts and simplify your life.


Mind And Manage Your Finances

One of the most stressful things for any person is managing their finances. People often end up spending more and buying unnecessary stuff and regret it later on. Some people have shopping OCD. They just can’t stand seeing money lying in front of them, they just want to shop anything and everything. That is something to worry about. So what to do? You should start following the 50-30-20 thumb rule. Spend 50% of your income on living, 30% on lifestyle and 20% on savings, this way you’ll be saving on the side which might come in use at times of need.

Stop Multitasking

Know Why Less Is More: 6 Important Things To Simplify Your Life!

If you really think that you can multitask at one time and give 100% to both the task then you are mistaken. You can never do multiple tasks at a time. Yes, you might succeed in completing tasks but you won’t be able to ace it. Multitasking also increases stress, anxiety and reduces the productivity. Make your life simple and handle one task at a time. If you learn to focus one task at hand you’ll become effective and you’ll get better results.

Not only that, cut down the goals you are trying to accomplish and focus on one goal at a time.

Once you have simplified these things in your life one by one, you’ll see the changes in yourself. You’ll start feeling free and good. You’ve lesser distractions, fewer complications and you’ll have breathing space. Stay mindful and make conscious decisions and you can live your life peacefully.


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