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Post-workout hair tips

Post-workout hair tips

Post-workout hair tips

We can relate to the situation where we are almost drowning in a pool of sweat after a high-intensity workout (which of course feels good) ‘BUT’ our pretty hair no more feel pretty instead gets transforms into a devastating mess. We bring you some pro-tips to flaunt a shiny lustrous hair even after an intense workout. Here we go!

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We bring you some pro-tips to flaunt a shiny lustrous hair even after an intense workout. Here we go!


    • Lessen regular hair wash


Women think that washing their hair every day is a prim solution for all their hair problems. This isn’t true. In fact, washing hair every day is the most common mistake women commit coming back from a hard workout. Excessive shampooing can let you lose your hair’s natural oils. This eventually leads to dry hair and an even drier scalp. If you wish to wash your hair, wash it with lukewarm water or condition the ends.


    • Use dry shampoo


Dry shampoos are really helpful in controlling sweat coming out of your scalp. Apply dry shampoo on the roots of your hair. Dry shampoos are great in absorbing oil and in avoiding extreme damp.


  • Do not tie your hair tight

Women have a tendency to tie their hair as tight as possible in a ponytail or a bun. Tying your hair tight will lead to pulling of hair which further leads to breakage. Try other options like clipping your hair, using bobby pins or cotton headbands.



    • Do not wear a cap


Wearing caps during workouts stops the sweat from evaporating which accumulates in you scalp. Leave your head open so that the sweat vaporizes easily and let your tresses dry after a workout.


    • Use a hair sunscreen


This applies for women who workout outside. Working out outside makes you come in direct contact with the Sun’s scorching heat. Sprint a moisturizing spray or use a hair sunscreen to protect your hair from the heat.

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  • Blow-dry


Begin with sectioning your hair, dry them using a round brush. Untangle the strands gently with your finger and blow dry your hair. Comb or brush your tresses gently post-workout to avoid knotting and tangling of hair.


Try these simple effective hair tips if you wish to have shiny and radiant locks post –workout.

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