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Shall we divorce? 8 reasons to say ‘yes’

Shall we divorce? 8 reasons to say ‘yes’


Relationship can be a heaven if it works out well. But the same can get sticky, when doesn’t verves up accordingly.

The society has a different version of relationships, there might be a constant societal pressure of working out on a bond which otherwise don’t seem to have that previous spark anymore. If you feel that you are not theoretical to be in an alliance then it is better to let go of it. Relationships are supposedly like that lemon infused dish where too much application of the same could lead to bitterness.

Given below are some definite signs when you need to let go of your partner and be happy:

Hatred is the only emotion

If anytime in a relationship you feel that hate has taken over the loving bond both of you share then it is the definite time to let go. Love is an emotion that transcends through each other’s eyes and if those eyes have started to give away emotions of hatred then it is better to part your ways.

If you always feel angry around your significant other

Anger is a very strong emotion and presence of the same is a lurking danger. If you always feel anger splashing down your veins whenever he/she is around or for whatever they do then it is a high time to part your route.

When your children start feeling the heat in your relationship

Children are the most delicate bond between two individuals and also the compelling reason to be in a relationship. But this sacrifice doesn’t help them in anyway instead they suffer the most watching their parents constantly fighting with each other or not in a speaking term. It is better to let go preferably because of them, so that, they have a respect for both of you and don’t lose faith on healthy relationships.

If home is not where you want to be after a hard day at work

If you don’t want to come back home rather don’t feel the enthusiasm to return to your beloved. Instead you prefer going out with friends and spending time somewhere else then it is a good signal of parting.

If you have fallen for somebody else

There is no hard and fast rule of staying in love with one person for the rest of your life. If you have fallen for somebody else other than your partner or husband/wife then let go of the later.

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All trust has vanished

A particular relationship is based on trust which is the foremost condition to be together. If you or your partner constantly doubt each other than better to opt for a separation.

If your relationship has turned abusive

It is not at all a wise decision to be in a union where all your significant other is abusing you mentally and physically or even threatens to do something worse if you let go of them. Better consult a therapist for them and a lawyer for you.

If they have started to hurt your self-respect and identity

The most important characteristics of an individual is self-respect and identity, it is something nobody can take away. If anytime in a relationship you feel that either your better half is disrespecting you or taking away the ingredients of your existence then it is the right time you ask for a divorce.

Don’t just be in some relationship because you have to answer the society! Society will say what they want to. It is your life and you should lead it accordingly. Relationships are supposed to be free and not a bondage. If you too had that itch of parting ways for a long time then these above signals may come to your help.

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