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Should You Quit Sugar From Your diet?

Should You Quit Sugar From Your diet?


Candies, Chocolates, Wafers and Desserts can tempt anyone on the planet. Sugar has been a favourite all throughout my childhood. Even now, I cannot help but give in to sugar cravings very often. Nonetheless, experts believe that sugar has quite a number of negative effects on the human system. Artificially processed sugars have zero nutrients and a high calorific content. Below are seven reasons why you should consider quitting the same.

  • Sugar slows down your work output: A carbohydrate laden sugary diet can easily put you off balance and slow down your system. On the other hand, a protein and fibre rich diet can ensure that you remain more alert or active. Healthy blood sugar level also ensure that your brain functions efficiently without lags. You are more able to process things better and memorise them for a longer period of time.
  • High sugar level in the blood puts strain on the liver and the pancreas that work hard to keep the blood sugar levels normal. Not only does it contribute to Diabetes, but also results in exhaustion of the system and energy loss. As a result, the body fails to utilize its energy on breakdown of body fat or synthesis of hormones. Not only do you then feel bloated but also experience a slower metabolic rate and emotional disorders. Hence, you gain weight.
  • Sugar also messes your immune system. T- cells in the blood are responsible for ensuring protection from bacterial infections. Sugar hampers the working of the T- cells. Hence, you become more susceptible to diseases.
  • Sugar is also responsible for cardiovascular diseases. It increases blood pressure much more than salt. An increase in the blood pressure on the walls overworks your heart.
  • Sugar also affects your dental health. Bacteria feeds on sugar. Eating sugary junk allows bacteria to breed and grow. This emits foul smell. Not only does it eat away the enamel of the teeth, but also gives you bad breath. The same in a very big way affects your personality.
  • Elastin and Collagen are responsible for maintaining the youthfulness of our skin. Sugar breaks them down and gives a dry, dull and wrinkly appearance to your skin and hence, fastens the process of ageing.
  • Eating carbs and sugar rich diet trigger the blood sugar which is also responsible for insomnia. A rise and sudden fall in sugar level will hamper your ability to sleep soundly.

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