Stronger than Cancer. Can Vivek survive a third time?

stronger than cancer

The sheer will-power of some people is breathtaking. For 23-year-old Vivek, spending the best years of youth bedridden and in pain must be frustrating and scary, but he refuses to give in to the disease and let it destroy his life.

In the 8th semester of engineering, when Vivek received his first cancer diagnosis, he did not let it dampen his spirits. He continued applying for jobs as he bravely underwent countless cycles of painful chemotherapy to beat the disease. His victory was short-lived. Within a year, his cancer relapsed.  It must have been heartbreaking, but, Vivek continued to fight. He mobilised every last bit of help he could find and underwent a Bone Marrow Transplant.

All along, Vivek has taken his battle quite practically, ensuring minimum pressure on his family, and seeking government aid and other grants wherever possible.Despite all this, he has spent lakhs with the help of his family and friends. Sadly, fate did not get any kinder with him. Vivek’s cancer has relapsed once again. 

I cannot even imagine the grit it would take to undergo the battle once again, but Vivek is willing to do it all over again so that he can live. He cannot afford an expensive immune therapy cycle comprising 30 injections that cost over a lakh each, and he is left with nobody to turn to. This is Vivek’s best bet at staying alive. Without that, his brave battle so far will be in vain.

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