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Taurus Man and Scorpio Woman: Love Compatibility?

Taurus Man and Scorpio Woman: Love Compatibility?

taurus scorpio problems

The Bull and the Scorpion don’t seem like the best companions. But you will be surprised at how good these two are together when they are in love. There’s a mystery that surrounds this couple which even they can’t understand. That is probably how you are feeling about your relationship with your Taurus Man. Right? Well, if not, then you soon will. It might be difficult for these two private people to navigate through this relationship. But if you feel the need to make it work then you will get past anything. Want to know the secret behind what can make this relationship work? You’ve come to the right place. For I will be sharing with you, tips and advice on how to tame the Bull!

scorpio taurus compatibility

The Taurus – Scorpio Relationship

This couple has great potential. They can be one of those who everyone aspires to be. Or they can end up being a cautionary tale for everyone else. When they have a negative aspect between their Suns and Moon, then they will remain opposed and powerful enemies. That is until one or both of them evolve to the concepts of tolerance, compassion, and unselfishness.

In a regular scenario, these two will use their worst qualities to their advantage. Their stubbornness will help them work to make their relationship better. Their silence will teach them a new way to communicate. But all that is until they start using these weapons against one another. That is when this relationship becomes problematic.

The 7-7 Sun Sign Pattern makes this an interesting couple. Each sees in the other what they lack and crave to possess. This magnetic polarity between these two zodiac signs tugs on them rather strongly. The more mature individuals of these two signs will soon see what a power couple they make together. These are the people who will rule this world.

Taurus Man and Scorpio Woman in Bed

He might seem like a shy man, but don’t forget that Venus rules this man. Scorpio women are known for their passion for love-making. Put them together and you get sexual compatibility that is full of strange surprises and sensual ecstasies. Only a Scorpio woman who has been in bed with a Taurus man can tell you how great he is. Also, you will never hear any of his ex-girlfriends complain either. What also brings them together is that they want to be loved for their whole selves and not just their physical appeal. This makes them perfect for each other.

In one another they will find a partner who is in it for good. He will never completely understand the depth of their love-making, as she does. But that is not to say that this would hamper his experience. He will be in it as much as she is. For both of them, sex is an act of worship. A constant renewal of spiritual strength, through giving and receiving of passion between them. However, what you need to remember is that sex alone is never enough for a lasting union. They will have to work on the other aspects of their relationship to have a divine sexual experience that they are capable of.

Scorpio Woman and Taurus Man Relationship Problems

 taurus scorpio problems

 I’ve always said they have the potential to be great together. But they don’t always. Some of the problems that I will mention now are a few reasons why. For starters, the Scorpio female is not easy to live with. She will bottle up for emotions which will burst one day. Not communicating is the worst that you can do to a Taurus male. He doesn’t understand things that aren’t laid down in front of him clearly. This will lead to all that anger coming out at a later time. in a stronger force. She will either erupt like a volcano or recede into silence.

Neither of them knows how to see the other person’s point of view. Well to be fair, he does not, but she does. Even if the Scorpio woman understands the opposing view, she insists that her view is followed. This evolves into a situation that becomes the next problem between this couple. Tact and compromise are not their strongest suit. All they know is laying it out there and defending their individual cases. They have a very hard time coming to a compromise. Or maneuver the other person into making a bargain.

His comic sense can also be a cause of tensions. Humour is a part of the Taurus male’s personality. It is what makes him a warm and friendly person. But the Scorpio female doesn’t know how to take a joke. Or laugh at herself. Or deal with well-intentioned criticism. And when they do fight, reconciliation is never easy. The mutual Fixed vibrations of their zodiac signs keep them apart. Only if they have a strong communication channel can they overcome this?

Taurus Man and Scorpio Woman in Marriage

Marriage is very much possible for this couple. If the Moon signs in the horoscope of either one of them in conjunct, sextile, or trine to the Sun sign of the other, then this union will almost be perfect. When the Taurus is open just enough, there will be a strong bond of trust between this couple. Neither of them trusts easily. However, there can be a perfect understanding between these two over time. This will lead to them trusting each other. This trust will lead to open communication and exchange. This is very important for this couple as they rarely talk about their feelings and emotions.

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However, their opposing natures will allow them to find in each other what they lack. This means they will depend on each other’s wisdom and advice. Although, not very frequently. In the quiet moments of their aloneness together, she will become to him the image of every love goddess, down through the ages. His Venus influence and her passion will make for a very passionate marriage. A blend of their qualities results in a relationship that is never bland. They might not seem like the most adventurous couple. But they will always have something to look forward to in their marriage.

How to Make a Taurus Man Fall in Love with a Scorpio Woman?


 Since you are here, I’m assuming that you have your sight set on a Taurus Man. Now that you know all that there is to know about this couple, let’s take this a little further. The Scorpio Woman’s sexual energy will attract the Taurus male to her. If she then chooses to talk to him, he will squirm. But that’s okay. If he is attracted to you, only then will he squirm. Otherwise, he is a strong conversationalist. Especially in casual conversations.

The Scorpio woman’s passion is a very important tool in attracting him. Make sure that you talk about the things you are passionate about. Or just the general dreams you have for your life. A balanced display of emotions by her will fill the void of emotions in his own personality. The Taurus male struggles with displaying their emotions. She can help him express through her. But that helps only till it happens in a controlled way.

The Scorpio woman is loving and compassionate. It is important that she brings out her feminine side too. Too much of passionate disagreement might put him off. Once you cross the initial barrier, the remaining journey will be smooth. In the Taurus Male, you will find your perfect mate.

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