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5 Ways to ensure that your Waxing is soothing everytime!

5 Ways to ensure that your Waxing is soothing everytime!


Womanhood can bear anything to look beautiful. Good or not, but this is us-today’s dynamic women. Waxing is the most troublesome thing to survive with no pain at all.

It never brings same experience for all ladies. Skin sensitivity to endurance level of each woman varies while going through the unavoidable process of waxing. Here comes another important factor and that’s the trust and mutual compatibility in between the client and her esthetician.

In addition, there are certain things that you can opt for as personal choice to limit the discomfort while waxing especially down there. Let’s see how you can fight against the pain of excruciating waxing.

Do it On Regular Basis:

You need to be regular. Usually once a month works out well. Don’t allow hair growth too long as will result in excruciating pain. This happens if you skip it for more than a month or two. If done on fixed intervals, hair will be removed easily and lot quicker causing you less pain.


Skip the Period Time:

Menstruation cycle is common problem impeding many beauty treatments. Your skin becomes extra sensitive before and of course, during the period week. Ten why to put yourself and esthetician in panic until it’s your Big Day and you are not left with any other choice. Plan to wax after your period as the pain threshold goes higher at this time than beforehand.


Exfoliate & Take Bath:

Exfoliation helps to remove dead skin together with lifting the shorter hair especially on bikini area. This will support the wax to grip hair more easily and to hurt you less. Do not apply lotion on your body prior to your waxing appointment. Rather take a hot bath an hour before waxing and it will make your hair and skin softer making wax process little comfortable for you. Avoid to use lotion before waxing because hair removing will become difficult because of the slick skin.


Pain Reliever & Breathe:

To avoid the agony of waxing, you can take a pain killer. You can have 2 Panadol or Neurofen, or one Ibuprofen 30-40 minutes before waxing to stave off the probable pain. These pain relievers make waxing more bearable for you by reducing any confined pain. Panadol and Neurofen also contain anti-inflammatory attributes and hence will make waxing process quite soothing for you.

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Breathe deeply during the entire process. Breathe in as the wax goes on and the moment when strip gets yanked, you need to breathe out. This short process of inhaling and exhaling your breathe actually helps minimizing the pain.


Don’t Hesitate & Speak Up:

You need not to bear unwanted pain. Don’t hesitate and speak up to your esthetician if pain is going beyond your tolerance level. This usually occur while waxing in private area or around bikini line. Professional and friendly estheticians always try to make waxing more comfortable for their clients. At good salons, client’s comfort is the top priority and they take every possible measure to make waxing experience more contented and tolerable.

Tip: Avoid to use ice for skin numbing to reduce waxing pain. It won’t. Your sin pores will get more tightened and you will lose the feel of nice and relaxed pores.



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